Motivation: A Story In Weight Watchers Tracking Books


I can remember so often during my weight loss journey saying I wished I could get motivated.  I would say that when I was struggling to take action to lose weight.  I usually felt the desire to lose weight.  In that sense, I was motivated.  But, I couldn’t take that next step to action.  I was missing a couple of pieces.

It was almost always easy for me to say that I was motivated to lose weight.  Of course, I was.  I wanted to be thin.  I wanted to look good.  I wanted to feel good.  I wanted to be healthy.  The desire to lose weight was there.  So, yes, I was motivated.

My Motivation Failure

But, I remember one point somewhere around the year 2000 when I quit going to Weight Watchers meetings and quit trying to lose weight.  I realized that I wasn’t really motivated.  Oh, I still wanted to be thin.  If I could have waved that magic wand and been thin the next day I would have done it.  But, I wasn’t really consistently taking the actions that led to weight loss.  And, I really hadn’t been for years.

During this time, I would go to a meeting and be resolved to follow the program.  And, maybe I would do it for a week and I went back and had a loss.  Then, something happened.  We went out to eat when I hadn’t planned for it.  Someone at work brought a treat and left it in the kitchen.  I went downstairs and bought a candy bar from the vending machine.  I got hungry late at night and ate too much.  And, I knew I would have a gain so I didn’t go to my meeting.  And, then a while later, I went back and I had gained a few pounds.  And, sometimes I would then intensely work on weight loss for a few weeks and get back to where I started, but then I would fall away again.  This went on over and over again.

Ah, yes.  I have copies of some of my old Weight Watchers books.  Here is the first one:


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I Hate Buying Clothes

I was actually intending to do a post on motivation today, but I just need to vent.  I absolutely hate clothes shopping.  Post tummy tuck/breast lift, I really need new clothes.  I had almost run out of clothes after I got to goal, but had been slow on buying new stuff because I knew I was going to have the surgery and didn’t want to buy stuff that might not fit later.

Well, later is here and I have next to nothing that fits me.  I used to love wearing really loose T shirts and sweatshirts.  I don’t like clothes that are tight, especially around the neck.  But, things are getting ridiculous now.  When I went to get my hair straightened the other day, the hairdresser told me I need to get some clothes that fit.  I was wearing an extra large sweatshirt and, yes, it was way too big.

So, the past few days I’ve been trying to correct things.  I ordered a few T shirts and sweatshirts online.  These are brands I’ve worn before so I know my size.  But, the pants situation is getting dire.  I have a couple of pairs of workout pants (well, one of them is a little loose but is barely OK).  I have one pair of jeans that fits and that is it.  I have one pair of “nice” pants that I can wear if I wear a top that covers the waist, since the pants are too loose.

I’ve been wanting another pair of jeans and thought I would go to Old Navy to get a pair of black jeans.  That shouldn’t be difficult.  I am now a perfectly average size 10.  I don’t like skinny jeans (that whole not liking tight stuff) and I need a short size since my height rounds up to 5’4″.  Well. [Read more…]

December Weigh In

I was up 2.4 pounds to 145.6 pounds this month.  But, that is a bit misleading.  It was a cold, rainy day this morning.  So, I wore warm, fleece lined pants and wore a light jacket over my T shirt which I didn’t remove when I weighed.  A good part of the gain was due to the heavier clothes.  I do think probably half of it was due to my not so good November eating and the remainder was the clothes.

This is progress.  Last winter I wore shorts the entire winter and would change after weighing in.  A few months ago after my tummy tuck I did start wearing light long pants to weigh in, but today I wore much heavier clothes.  This will give me a lot more freedom to wear heavier clothes during the winter.

I have been happy the past several days as I was able to put together several good eating days.  Over the past couple of months, I’ve had difficulty doing that.  I’ve either eaten out too much — and not been careful enough when I did that — or I’ve just been hungry and overeating at home.  Finally, I was able to go several days eating in the range where I lose weight.

I still wasn’t active enough over the past month.  We did get back into walking outside with the cooler weather.  But, the last couple of weeks I didn’t do well.  We were busy due to the holiday and having my mom visiting.  And, I’ve just had a ton of stuff to do.

One thing I did this past week was that I had my permanent in my hair straightened.  I had gotten the permanent last February as I was at an awkward stage with my hair.  It wasn’t totally short any more and I wanted to grow it to shoulder length.  I find that length from below my ears to my shoulder to be a really awkward time and I don’t really like my hair while it is growing out.  And, that is why I got the permanent. [Read more…]

The Eating Season Begins

It is that time of year.  The eating season begins.  Ok, I mean the holiday season. In the United States, Thanksgiving is this upcoming Thursday and then it is seemingly never ending food challenges until the New Year.

Thanksgiving food 2015

Last year, I posted my tips for eating during the holidays.  I won’t repeat those tips, but do suggest checking out that post if you are looking for ideas.

As many of you know from my earlier posts, I have been struggling and off track some the past few months.  I am finally getting back in gear.  Last week I did well.  I still was a little higher on calories per day than I wanted to be, but I was over 200 calories a day less than the week before.  So, I will call that a win.  The week was often frustrating as there wasn’t much movement on the scale.  But, Sunday morning, I weighed myself at home and was done 1.7 pounds from the day before.  Go figure.

I really didn’t do anything wonderful Saturday.  I actually ate out at Panera.  My overall calorie co [Read more…]

Weight Watchers Fresh and Anything Else New?

This is the time of the year when the mind turns to whether there will be anything new at Weight Watchers.  Historically Weight Watchers has typically made program changes in early December and often rolls out other new things around the same time.

Last year, we had the major Beyond the Scale program as well as SmartPoints that debuted in early December.  In addition, there were other new things such as the changes to the website and to the mobile apps.  Also, Weight Watchers debuted home delivered meals with Chef’d last November.

So, what is in store for this year?  I am often asked if I think Weight Watchers will make changes to SmartPoints.  Typically, Weight Watchers only does major changes every 4 or 5 years and occasionally does minor ones as needed.  Given that, I never expected any major changes to SmartPoints this year.  While I think some tweaking is warranted, I don’t expect to see it.  And, the rumor I heard was that there will be no changes to SmartPoints itself.  Now, that is rumor and I have no way to know whether there will or will not be changes.  But, if I had to bet, I would expect no changes.  Now, there could be minor changes particularly to things that aren’t SmartPoints. So there could be changes to apps, or the website, or to messaging and so on.  In past years, during PointsPlus there were years there were no changes to PointsPlus but there was a change of emphasis as to what was discussed during year.  I would expect to see some sort of things like that, but I have no information.

However, I have heard about  Weight Watchers Fresh.  I got this information from a member on a message board.  And, this is not a rumor since there is an actual website giving out the information.  I will say up front that this appears to have limited availability and is not available in all states at least based upon information on the website. [Read more…]