2017 in Review

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope we all have a wonderful year. Hmm…I need a pic for this so I’ll just do a cat under the tree pic.  Herewith, Nina!

And, as usual, it is time to look back on the last year and see how things have gone in terms of weight loss and maintenance.  On balance, I am overall happy with the last year although I took a bit of a detour in the mid year.

The good news is that I am still at my Weight Watchers goal weight.  I haven’t, of course, weighed in for January yet.  My January weigh in at Weight Watchers in 2017 was at 144.2 pounds.  My December weigh in for 2017 was at 144 pounds.  So, basically no change.  I do expect my January weigh in this month to be up a bit.  We are going out of town for several days next weekend and will be eating out the entire time.  I expect to weigh after we get back but I don’t imagine I will be at 144 pounds.  I think that is temporary so not worried about it.

Anyway – I like to look back at what my plans were for the year.  And, my goals were…to not do annual goals.  Back last January, I did monthly goals.  The two goals I had for January were to cook more food at home (including freezer meals for future use) and to rejoin YMCA and start strength training again. [Read more…]

Size 8!

I am finally, finally back to a single digit size.  I say back to it.  But, the last time I was there was about 25 years ago.  This actually sort of snuck up on me.

Pre-tummy tuck, after I got to my goal weight of 146 pounds, I was mostly a size 12.  It was frustrating to me as I saw others of similar weight were often wearing much smaller sizes.  But, I had all that loose skin plus high body fat.  So, there it was.

Post-tummy tuck I was a solid size 10.  That was great.  I bought new size 10 jeans.  Several months ago I also bought a “nice” pantsuit to wear when I can’t wear the jeans and workout clothes I wear almost all the time.  It was size 10 and I figured I would be wearing it for awhile.  I didn’t really expect to get to a size 8 until I lost another 10 pounds or so.

Then, in May I had some touch ups to my cosmetic surgery including a small amount of upper abdomen liposuction.  It wasn’t much.  A little over a pound was removed.  It was for upper abdomen counter not to change my weight.

Well, the other day I needed to wear that pantsuit again.  And…it was loose.  It was really loose.  Right now I actually weigh about 4 pounds more than I weighed post-tummy tuck.  And, at that time I was a solid size 10.  But, now – 4 pounds heavier – I am a size 8 in pants.  Go figure.

I went shopping today and tried on pants in several brands and it was official.  I am a size 8.  Yay!


Protein Stix – Best Weight Watchers Snack Ever

I mentioned the new Weight Watchers Protein Stix snacks in my post on the meeting yesterday.  But, I decided they deserve their own post.

I tried the chocolate last night (as did my husband) and thought it was great.  I then tried the peanut butter today.   And, it was just as great. I mentioned to my husband that I thought they were Weight Watchers best snack ever.  And, he suggested they deserve their own post.  I decided he was correct. [Read more…]

Weight Watchers Freestyle New Program is Here!

Weight Watchers Freestyle rolled out today in the United States.



The UK version, called Flex, rolled out two weeks ago.  I posted before about it.  For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to follow the new program based upon the UK information.  So far, I have been very happy with it.

Of course, until it rolled out officially in the United States, we couldn’t be sure if it was going to be the same.  But, now, we can be sure.  I had previously set my weigh in day to Sunday so I would get it on the app and on the browser today.  I think if you are not set to Sunday that it will change for you on your weigh in day, but I am not totally sure. [Read more…]

December Weigh In and Week 2 New Program Report

Two topics for this post, but they are related.

December Weigh In

First, I weighed in for December.  I was down 2 pounds from November, to 144 pounds.  That is 2 pounds under my goal weight of 146 pounds.  I am wanting to get to a lower point for my weight as part of my quest to improve my body composition.  I plan to reset my goal weight down a couple of pounds probably in January if these weight holds so I am not tempted to think it is OK to gain above 144 pounds. Hmm.  Actually, I may not wait until January.

I was very happy with the weigh in.  Being at or near goal, it is often hard to have a large loss.  And, yes, 2 pounds in a month counts as a large loss for me.  Also, the last time my weight was this low was in February.  I had a great weigh in during February (141.6 pounds) where I was basically back to my post-tummy tuck weight baseline.  It was wonderful.  But, then I started gaining.  I think mentally I didn’t think I had to worry about it since I was below my goal weight.  Hence, the reason I want to slowly reset my goal weight to something closer to where I want to be.

Anyway, I last saw my current weight while I was in the middle of gaining weight in February.  My next mini-goal is to weigh in at Weight Watchers at 141.6 pounds or below.

Week 2 – New Program (Flex in UK, Freestyle in U.S.)

[Read more…]