2013 Review

I was going to post about my goals for 2014, but it makes sense to first look back at 2013 and what worked and what didn’t. Overall, I can see the year as modest progress.

The positive things this year:

• After starting to attend Weight Watchers meetings again in late February, I lost 8 pounds this year, weighing in last Friday at 186.8 pounds. I got to a 10% from my highest weight of 207.4 pounds.

• According to my scale at home, from January 4th to today I lost 9.6 pounds this year going from 195.1 pounds to 185.5 pounds.

• I got a Fitbit One in March and have consistently worn it (or my new Fitbit Force) since then.

• My husband and I started walking outside in April in our somewhat hilly subdivision and loved it.

• We bought a treadmill and have used it.

• I have eaten more vegetables this year and have overall eaten in a more healthy manner.

• In the last 12 weeks, I’ve missed only one WW meeting.

• I’ve consistently recorded what I’ve eaten the entire year only missing a few days.

• I found a new hairdresser and changed my hair color to something I love and am working to maintain it.

• I tested my personal reaction to gluten by going gluten free during December (except when I forgot and ate some cookies with gluten in them). I will add it back in during January and see if I feel any different.

• I started this blog, keeping myself focused on my weight loss and self-improvement.

• During December, I increased my average daily steps by over 1000 steps from the several months before. [Read more…]

On the Way to Less of a Better Me

It isn’t that I don’t know how to lose weight.  I even have the Key to the Future from Weight Watchers to prove it:

Key front Key back

That was what you used to get when you hit Lifetime at Weight Watchers.  So, I’ve been there and gotten the key.  Of course, that was in the last millennium. [Read more…]