On the Way to Less of a Better Me

It isn’t that I don’t know how to lose weight.  I even have the Key to the Future from Weight Watchers to prove it:

Key front Key back

That was what you used to get when you hit Lifetime at Weight Watchers.  So, I’ve been there and gotten the key.  Of course, that was in the last millennium.

So why I am here?  I’m not at Lifetime any more.  I want to be a better me.  I still want to be me – just for there to be less of a better me.  Weight loss is a big part of that, but not the only part.

Right now, my goal weight is 146 pounds (top of my range).  I feel that is a weight I can sustain. When I first went to WW, I was no more than 2 pounds above that goal weight for about 3 ½ years.  Of course, back then my goal weight wasn’t 146 pounds.  It was an unrealistic 125 pounds.  I only spent about 4 months at or below that goal weight, but then couldn’t sustain it.  And, ultimately I ended up higher than I had ever been before.  My highest weight in 2007 or so was 207.4 pounds.

The good news?  As of last Friday’s weigh in, I’m at 186.8 pounds.  I’ve lost 10% of my starting weight and received the Weight Watchers 10% loss key chain last week:

Key Chain

So – the numbers:

Highest weight – 207.4 pounds

Current WW weigh in – 186.8 pounds (what I show on the weigh in page)

At home weight today (morning, no clothes) – 185.7 pounds

Goal weight – 146

That is sort of a temporary goal.  It is the top of my WW goal range.  It is possible that if I get to 146, I might try to get down to 135ish, but I’m not going to worry about that right now.

I have several things I’m doing right now.  First, I’m following WW and most weeks my goal is to eat no more than 31 points plus a day.  I could eat 33 points plus and still be on program (26 daily points + an average of 7 weekly points a day), but in the past I did best when I averaged about 31 points a day.

I’m also almost finished with a test of avoiding gluten for 30 days to see how I feel.  I don’t think I’m gluten sensitive, but I wanted to see how I would feel if I gave it up for awhile.

I have a Fitbit Force to keep track of my activity and am working to ramp up exercise.   I like to walk outside when the weather permits and have a treadmill for when it doesn’t.  We also have a Concept2 rower and I have some dumbbells.  So, I have no excuses for not working out.  Despite that, I haven’t been consistent with any of this particularly since I got distracted with finding and buying our house almost 2 years ago.

This time 2 years ago I weighed 162 pounds.   I was doing really well, but we started looking at houses and eating out a lot.  Then, we were busy with getting ready to move and then moving and the wheels came off.  I was discouraged when I saw the added 15 pounds and then I basically gave up for year or so, getting all the way back up to 196 pounds earlier this year.  Getting the Fitbit has really helped me to get back on track and to increase my activity.

Working to increase activity is something really critical for me.  I live in a one story house and work from home.   If I don’t put in effort to get up and move, I have a very sedentary lifestyle.  If it is a day that I don’t go anywhere I can walk very few steps if I don’t make a real effort to use the treadmill or walk outside.  This is one reason for the Fitbit.  It is a very visual reminder to me that I need to get up and move.  More later about my goals for 2014…

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