Friday Weigh-In

This was a great Friday.  I was down 1.2 pounds to 182.4 pounds.  Most importantly, I got my charm for a total of 25 pounds lost! (Yes, I love getting the awards and they do motivate me).

25 pound charm

What I liked about this week was that it would have been so easy to not lose anything or to lost a quarter of a pound.  I tend to be a slow loser, but I’ve been trying to pick up the pace a bit wanting to average a bit higher. Losing 1.2 pounds is a lot for me, since I’ve often averaged anywhere from .25 to .50 a week.  This week was a bit of a struggle due to weather and allergies.  It was cold or wet outside several days this week.  Now, where I am we are basically wimps about weather so anything below about 50 degrees is really cold.  I’ve been trying the past few weeks to get at least 4500 steps in for 6 days of the week and I take off one day.  This week I had 3 days where I was below – well below – 4500 steps.  However, I still averaged a little over 6000 steps a day since I really pushed myself to get out and walk on the days that were warmer.  I even walked one day when it was in the 40s, which is amazing for me (I actually break out in hives if I get cold so I layered clothes and covered up everything other than my face).  I had one day that I went over 10000 steps and two where I had over 9000 steps.  The other thing holding me back was that my allergies were bothering me a lot (my doctor’s office says that it is probably cedar and molds that are out right now).  So, I felt stuffy and was sneezing a lot.  It was so easy for 3 days of the week to just not want to do anything.  Still, I managed to push through and go out for the other 4 days.  Also, on the days that I didn’t exercise I adjusted my food intake so I still had a good calorie deficit overall for the week.

How was your week?

Doing What Works

In writing the post on when I got to goal weight on Weight Watchers, it reminded of all the things that I did right back then.  And, it caused me to really ponder what things help me in losing weight.  That is, what I do when I’m losing weight.

Go to Weight Watchers meetings – This is a very clear association for me.  I have off and on been on Weight Watchers for many years.  Even after I regained weight, I would occasionally go back for a time.   The bottom line is that when I consistently attended meetings I always lost weight.  I realize that it isn’t necessarily the meetings themselves that cause me to lose weight.  It is more that if I gain weight I don’t like to go to meetings and when I stop going to meetings I stop eating right and gain weight.  But, when I can stand to go to the meetings even if I’ve gained weight I can manage to keep eating right and so I don’t perpetuate the gain week after week.  It isn’t so much that I ever learn anything new at meetings.  But, going to meetings keeps my head in the game and my focus on weight loss.  Also, if I know that I have to weigh in the next week I’m far more likely track what I eat and end up with a loss.  When I finally got to goal at Weight Watchers I really made going to meetings a priority. I would even find a meeting if I went out of town. [Read more…]

Over 10,000 Steps and 2000 Calories Burned!

I don’t often does this so I have to blow my own horn just a little.  On Saturday I walked 10,011 steps and burned 2039 calories according to my Fitbit:


I didn’t really set out to walk over 10,000 steps today.  I’ve done it a few times, but not in months.  I want to work up to doing it, but my goal for this month is an average of 4500 steps a day.  We went out to eat (Red Lobster) and then to the grocery store so I got some steps while shopping.  Then, we went for a walk a little over 2 miles.  And, a little bit of this and that around the house and I realized about 11:00 that I was only 700 steps from 10,000.  So I hopped on the treadmill to get them!

Doing all of that got my calorie burn according to Fitbit over 2000 calories.  That is really where I want to be every day but I don’t often get much over 1900 calories.  I think that Fitbit calculates my BMR at a little under 1400 calories per day so I have to make an effort to get over 2000 calories.  This is what I need to work up to doing almost every day.


Friday Weigh-In

Another week, another pound!  We attended our Weight Watchers meeting this morning and I lost one pound down to 183.6 pounds. It is cold here today and there was a little ice and snow overnight. Where I live that is a big deal. Most of the schools were closed and it was a very small meeting. But, I knew I was going to have a loss so I really wanted to be there. I’m a slow loser usually so losing a pound again this week was really good for me. My husband did well also and got to a total of 65 pounds lost. He is about 7 pounds away from his goal weight.

We also got this keychain for attending 4 meetings at the start of this year:


Overall, I was happy with the week. It started out a little iffy since I had a higher point meal out on last Friday and then got home and was really tired and had allergies bothering me. I took a day off from exercise (first day off in 10 days) and ended up with only 1630 steps for the day and consumed 233 more calories than I burned (according to Fitbit). After that, though, I at least met my 4500 steps a day for the rest of the week and ended up averaging 6000 steps a day. My goal this month is to have a 600 average calorie deficit each day on Fitbit. I got to 585 calories average deficit this week, which I was happy with since last Friday had been so bad.

We walked outside several times this week which really helps me when we can do that. Yesterday, it was rainy and cold so I used the treadmill instead. I will probably take today off since I haven’t had a day off since last Friday. This time, though, I plan to have at least some calorie deficit. We had lunch at Genghis Grill which is easy for me to stay within my plan for the day.

How was your week?

I Get Thin (For Awhile)

I posted the first installment of my story here and the second part here:  This is Part III.  This is the part of my story that I loved writing because it is about me getting to thin.  This was a period of time where I was really happy with the changes I was making and the results from those changes.  I did a lot of good things and I can remember the joy that I felt.  Unfortunately, my story doesn’t end with this part.  But, it is was really nice while it lasted.

Desperate for something that I could stick to and that would make a difference, I joined Weight Watchers. At that time, it was an exchange program.  You had so many protein exchanges you had to eat each day and so many bread exchanges and so many fat exchanges and fruits and veggies. I like the current Points Plus program, but the exchange program worked really, really well for me. And, for the first time as an adult I ate something approaching a balanced healthy diet.

When I joined I was at 167 pounds (this was weighing in at the end of my work day wearing office clothes).  The first week I lost 5 pounds (yes, water weight, I know).  That was already better than that expensive weight loss resort that I had spent a week at.  While doing Weight Watchers, I also started doing exercise videos.  At first, I found the videos too hard. The friend who had suggested Weight Watchers told me that she was doing Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies.  So, I bought it.  And, I found it was about my speed.

During those first few months at Weight Watchers, I was very carefully following the program.  And, I was working out with the videos.  In time, I could no longer get my heart rate up with Sweatin’ to the Oldies, so I started doing Kathy Smith videos. I had a stable of several videos and would move between them.

After about 6 months of Weight Watchers, I was down to 143 pounds.  I had blasted right through the 155 pound barrier.  At that time, though, 143 wasn’t my goal weight.  I decided to go for the full fantasy and set a goal of 125 pounds.  I’m not sure when I had last been 125 pounds.  Well, I guess it was probably in early high school.  I had certainly never been 125 as an adult.

Having gotten down to 143 pounds, though, I began to bounce up and down on my weight. I would gain 5 pounds, then lose 5 pounds, then regain it and so on.  Part of it was that I had started getting sick a lot.  I had always been pretty healthy, except for allergies. But, suddenly, I started getting a lot of sore throats.  I would be fine, then suddenly get really sick with a bad sore throat and feeling awful.  That would derail my exercise and then I would stall on my weight loss.  At that point, I would quit going to meetings, since I hated to go and not have a loss.  When I would stop going to meetings and I would gain.  When I had gained 5 or 6 pounds I would realize I needed to get back on track and would go back.  This repeated over and over again.

About 9 months after I had joined Weight Watchers, I was back up to 152 pounds.  I went back and said I would stay with the program and go whether I gained or lost.  And, the pounds started coming off again.  I had a few weeks that I had small gains, but I stuck with it.  A year after joining Weight Watchers, I was down to 137 pounds.  I was now close to where I was when I graduated high school.

I don’t know what happened then, but my records show that I didn’t go to meetings for 7 weeks.  I then weighted in for 6 pound gain.  I then didn’t go for another 5 weeks.  I weighed in for a 2 pound gain.  I don’t remember what happened.  I don’t know if I was sick, or if I was really busy at work, or what.  I waited another 5 weeks went back and had lost 3 ½ pounds.

Then, I didn’t go for 2 months.  I finally went back – 18 months after originally joining – and was at 154 pounds.  In 6 months, I had regained 17 of those hard won lost pounds!  Here is the handwritten chart I kept at the time showing my down and up and down and up:

KCV WW Graph Part 1

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