The Food Wars

Like many people, I suppose I’ve been hopelessly confused about the Food Wars over the past few years.  Whether trying to lose weight or not trying, I’ve wondered how I should really be eating.  I mean, sure, I gave up soft drinks with sugars a very long time ago and I’m under no illusion that junk food is good for you.  But, to get from there to what I should eat has been confusing.  I would read news article about the latest study and often would search out the actual study and read it.  None of that really helped.  Should I eat low carb?  Or, do the vegans have it?  I wondered if I just needed to avoid high fructose corn syrup.  Or, should I avoid gluten or dairy? I’ve been eating more fish.  But, what about mercury or other contaminants?

It often seems like just when you get a piece of solid evidence, something contradictory comes down.  I’ve vacillated for years over how much of this or how much of that to eat.

One of the blogs that I read sometimes had a review of a book that seemed interesting, Disease Proof. The book reviewed is written by David Katz who is apparently a physician and the founding director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center.  At least, that is what his website says.  So, I went and read some of his articles.  And, then I found this recent article, which has a rather provocative title, Please Don’t Feed the Morons, but seems to really address some of the issues of confusion about diet.  I found it a really interesting article.

One of the things that he points out in some of his articles is that one of the problems with people giving up specific foods is that too often they have replaced them with junk food, such as replacing fat with Snackwells cookies and so on.

The big thing that reading these articles reinforced in me was the idea of avoiding processed junk food and eating more “real food” that is less processed.  I’ve been working to do more of that the past month or so and I think it has helped my weight loss and is better for me.

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