Friday Weigh-In

I weighed in at my Weight Watchers meeting this morning.  I was down .2 pounds to 185.6 pounds.  On the one hand, I always say that any loss is good.  On the other hand, for most of the week I had been weighing at home at 184.5 which would have given me about a half pound loss at my meeting.  And, I really expected it to be more by this morning.

I had a great day on Thursday.  I ate well, walked some, and did a little rowing.  I totally expected to wake up this morning and weigh at 184.3 or so at home. Instead, I woke up and was up .3 of a pound.  Sigh.

This is one reason I’m glad I weigh every day.  Back in the old days when I didn’t weigh every day I would have gone to my meeting and been upset with the .2 pound loss.  Yes, yes, as I said, any loss is good.  But, since I had a good week, I would have been frustrated.  Since I weigh in every day and have been showing a greater loss most of the week, I knew the amount I was up this morning was just a temporary normal weight fluctuation.  So, while I was annoyed to have that kind of thing on weigh in morning, it didn’t frustrate me.

Most importantly, I didn’t let it derail me for the whole day.  We went out to eat after the meeting at Genghis Grill.  This is a restaurant where you make your bowl by choosing your protein (chicken and an egg), veggies, sauce, spices, and starch (brown rice).  One reason I like Genghis is that my meals are almost always “green” meals for me (meaning a meal that is under 700 calories), even if we share a chicken dumpling appetizer.

Overall, the week was pretty good on working on my January goals.  We walked outside or on the treadmill several times.  I also got in my 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of rowing.  I hadn’t rowed in a few months, and found that I couldn’t row 30 minutes in one sitting.  So, I did 15 minutes one day and 15 minutes on another day.  I remember when I could row 45 minutes at a time!


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