Good Week So Far

Just had to post, since this week is going really well so far. I’ve really tried to kick up some activity this week. It has finally been dry enough and warm enough that my husband Charles and I can walk outside. I like doing that since we have hills where we live so it is a better workout. Also, one advantage of walking outside – unlike on the treadmill – is that I can’t just give up when the going gets tough. Also, I like walking with Charles because we can talk while walking. I’ll confess that I don’t love working out a lot of the time, so being able to camouflage it (so to speak) by having someone to talk to while walking really helps. In fact, I actually enjoy walking then.

So, Sunday we walked a little over 2 miles. I also tried out a Leslie Sansone DVD that was on You Tube. It was for a fast mile and got me another 900+ steps, so I ended up with 9040 for the day.

Yesterday, DH wanted to walk a new route. It was just a little longer than the Sunday route but way more demanding since it was more hilly. Fitbit registered 13 flights of stairs for the walk. What I really liked was that Fitbit said I did 58 very active minutes. This was a really over achieving day since right now I’m just trying to do an average of 10 very active minutes a day and 4500 steps.

Fitbit 1-13

So, yesterday, I was really ahead on everything, although I didn’t do much walking the rest of the day.  I was home all day and on the computer a lot. It sort of annoys me that the dashboard says I was 77 calories over on food. This is because it shows a calorie deficit of 673 calories. The annoyance is because Fitbit would let me choose as a goal to have a deficit of 500 calories a day or 750 calories a day. My personal goal for this month is an average of a 600 calorie deficit each day. I would like to work up to a deficit of 750 calories a day (or even 1000), but for this month my goal is a deficit of 600 calories. I did better than that yesterday. But, Fitbit doesn’t let you customize this except to choose between 500, 750 and 1000 calorie deficits. So, I get annoyed when it says I was over on calories even though I did meet my actual goal. (Hmm.  I don’t know why Fitbit says 0.0 pounds to go on my weight.  I have a short term goal set to get into the 170s and I’m still about 4.5 pounds away.)

So, today, I was really tired and a little sore. We didn’t walk outside today, but I did row for 22 minutes (up from the 15 minutes that was all I could manage in one session last week). I am….

3070 steps so far for today. That pause was me grimacing because I just realized I’ve had my Fitbit on the charger for the last hour or so and I forgot to take it with me when I walked through the house a couple of times. So, I really have about 300 more steps.  I’ll probably do another Leslie Sansone video this evening to get in some more steps.

Still, so far this week is shaping up to be really good. It has been a good week for food also.  All of that said, I was up 1/2 pound on the scale this morning for no apparent reason. I hope it vanishes by my weigh in on Friday.