Friday Weigh-In

It’s Friday, which means it is meeting and official weigh-in time.  I was down 1 pound to 184.6 pounds.  I was thrilled with this since I tend to be a slow loser.  Even when I got to lifetime years ago, I averaged about 3/4 of a pound a week over the long haul.  So, a pound in a week is really good for me.

It is all in how you look at it, I think.  At my meeting, one of the participants wasn’t happy with her weigh-in.  But, she mentioned she lost 1.6 pounds for the week.  To me, that was a great loss. Someone else, who had a loss of under 2 pounds was unhappy about it as well.  I know that Weight Watchers says the program is designed to give a half pound to 2 pound loss.  I think that everyone hears that and then expects to lose 2 pounds every week, and often feels disappointed if a loss is less than that.  But, you know, most people don’t actually lose 2 pounds a week.  Most people lose less than that, or stay the same, or gain.

I also think that while WW says weight loss shouldn’t be more than 2 pounds a week, there is often a subtle message that encourages people to think a larger loss is better.  I’ve been in meetings where a comment is made when giving out a star or a 5% award or something that the person lost 5 pounds that week or something.  Most of the time, though, that is really because the person is just starting and loses a lot of water weight in the first week or two.  And, if it isn’t the first week or two then I’m not sure we should really be encouraging a loss of several pounds in one week.  I would like it if, when awards are given out, there wasn’t information given as to that person’s loss that week.  Overall amount of loss is fine, but I don’t really like the reporting on the amount of loss that week.  I think it just ends up making someone with, say, a 1 1/2 pound loss feel not so good.

Anyway, this was an overall good week for me.  We walked outside a lot and I did some rowing and lasted a little longer this time.  I also started doing some Leslie Sansone videos to help me get in some extra steps.  My goal for January was to average 4500 steps a day and I’m now at about 5000 steps a day.  Today won’t be one of them, though.  My allergies are really bothering me, apparently due to cedar.  I sneezed all during our walk yesterday and I have been non-stop sneezing today.  I think this will end up being my off day for exercise this week.  I actually haven’t had a day off exercise for 10 days so feel OK taking this one off.

Overall, the week was pretty good on working on my January goals.  We walked outside or on the treadmill several times.  I also got in my 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of rowing.  I hadn’t rowed in a few months, and found that I couldn’t row 30 minutes in one sitting.  So, I did 15 minutes one day and 15 minutes on another day.  I remember when I could row 45 minutes at a time!

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