Danger, Will Robinson!

I can see that I almost started to go off the rails on Saturday.  One of things that I have to work on is not getting off track and starting to catch it when I do, preferably before I do.  Friday had been a sort of strange day.  I had a good weigh in at Weight Watchers and then went to have my allergy shot.  I was sneezing, apparently due to cedar and molds being heavy (according to the allergy clinic).  Charles and I went out for lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant which was yummy.  It is a “yellow” restaurant for me (calories above 700 but below 1100).  I watched what I ate there and was happy with it.

However, I was very sleepy the entire time we were out.  I got home and just didn’t want to do anything strenuous.  I skipped exercising.  I was OK with that since I hadn’t had a day off in about 10 days.  I think I ended up walking only about 1600 steps for the day.  I am way ahead of my step goal for this month so even that was OK.  I spent most of the day either sneezing or very tired.  I was also ravenous.  I’m not really sure why.  Usually when I have a larger lunch, I’m not that hungry for the rest of the day.  But, Friday, I just kept wanting to eat.  I didn’t eat stuff that was bad for me, but I did eat too much.  According to my Fitbit I burned about 200 calories less than I ate, making this the first day of the year that I didn’t have even a small calorie deficit.

I finally went to bed really early and slept a lot.  According to my Fitbit Force, I slept nearly 11 hours!  Now, bear in mind, that getting enough sleep is a big issue for me.  My goal for January is just to sleep 7 hours a night per the Fitbit.  And, I haven’t been accomplishing that most nights.  But, this week has actually been pretty good.  So, to sleep almost 11 hours is really unusual.

But, as I woke up on Saturday, I felt fine about Friday.  Taking a day off from exercising is OK.   And, the fact I hadn’t done so in 10 days was probably why I was so tired.  Even the extra eating was OK given my overall week.  But, of course, Friday was fine as a single day.  It would be very unfine if repeated.  Saturday was OK from an eating standpoint.  I had no real problem staying in the calorie range I wanted to eat.  We often go out to eat on Saturday, but I decided to not do it this Saturday just to make sure I was back on track.

But, movement-wise, Saturday was shaping up to be like Friday.  I just wasn’t in the mood to do much that required me to be on my feet.  I spent a lot of time working on Part II of my weight story. I interspersed that with playing World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.  By 10:00, I was at about 1700 steps for the day and didn’t really plan to do anything for the rest of the day except read.  Suddenly, I realized that I was in danger.  In the past, if I took off more than one day it was way too easy for one day to turn into two days to turn into three days and to then turn into gaining 10 pounds!

So, I found a Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk video and did that getting to almost 5400 steps for the day.  While this wasn’t as good as going for a long walk outdoors or using the rower, I think it got be back on track.



    • Kitty says

      Thanks! And, I ended up having a great day on Sunday. Husband and I did a 2.3 mile walk outside (Fitbit counted it as 8 flights of stairs since it was hilly) and I stayed on track with eating.

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