Great Day Sunday

My son, who came in the room while I was writing this tells me that “Great Day Sunday” isn’t a very good title for this entry, but Sunday really was a great day.  I got another good night’s sleep Saturday and woke up feeling good.  Charles and I went out for lunch at Panera and I had a Pick 2 with their new turkey chili and a Chicken BBQ Salad.  I did have chips with it.  However, I haven’t had chips since the last time I was at Panera two weeks ago, so I was OK with it.

We came home and then did a 2.32 mile walk where my Fitbit Force says we climbed 8 stairs.  Our neighborhood is a little hilly, so it is a good workout for me to go walking outside when the weather cooperates. I could see that I am making progress with the walking.  When we first leave this house there is an area that goes up.  Here is a pic of it:

outside driveway

It doesn’t look very steep in the picture, but Fitbit says it is 3 floors from our driveway to the top.  Just a few weeks ago, I was getting to the top slowly, then needing to stop and have a drink of water.  Yesterday, I had no problem with it and didn’t need to stop at the top.  It is that kind of thing that shows me that I am making real progress.  I wore a heart rate monitor and was happy to see that my heart rate stayed right in the aerobic zone for the entire walk.  We walked at about 2 ¼ mph which isn’t that much, but is an improvement over where it was a month ago.  Also, the 2 ¼ mph includes my stopping for water periodically.

After we got home, I spent some time reading some blogs.  That is always so inspirational for me.  I had to be careful about what I ate in the evening.  Walking like that does tend to make me hungrier.  But, I don’t want to eat all the calories that I burned by the walking.  Toward the end of the evening, I was really tempted to have a snack that would have been a couple of hundred calories.  It was good stuff, not junk but I really didn’t need to have that many calories.  So, I had half a cup of blueberries instead.  Getting in enough fruits/veggies is a challenge for me at times, so I was really happy with the choice that I made.  Fitbit says I ended the day with a deficit of 653 calories, which was above my goal this month of an average deficit of 600 calories a day.

As a lifelong insomniac, I was pleasantly surprised to be sleepy a little earlier than usual and I got a really good night’s sleep.  Maybe this had something to do with the walk.  If activity will help me to sleep better at night that would really make me happy.

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