Constant Vigilance!

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fake Mad Eye Moody often says “Constant vigilance!” That mantra often comes to me in thinking about my weight loss efforts. For me, I find that I have to exert constant vigilance so that I don’t go off track. The biggest factor for me in weight loss success is to keep on the main train track moving forward, never veering off on a sidetrack.

Yesterday was an example of this. Lately, my husband and I have been walking outside a lot as the weather has been good. But, yesterday, he was away most of the day and early evening so we couldn’t do that. I could have used the treadmill or rower but I had a hard time getting going yesterday and just wasn’t interested in doing it. My eating was fine, but I just didn’t do much moving. By late evening, it I was still under 2000 steps for the day. Now, I had had 3 good days of steps before that. But, I plan for 1 day off out of every 6. My real goal is exercising on 5 of every 7, but if I plan to exercise on 6 then I have room for something unexpected to happen. I had taken off last Friday, so it was too soon to have a day off unless there was unexpected reason to take off a day. But, yesterday, was a quiet day. There was no reason I couldn’t exercise. I just hadn’t done it.

I’m a real night owl. I usually feel my most energized in the late evening, and go to bed about 2:00 most nights. But, I was doing some blog reading last night and was just really inclined to keep reading until I went to bed. I also wanted to have a snack and, given my low activity level, if I did then I wouldn’t meet my calorie deficit goal for the day.

The pull was strong to just keep reading and have a small snack and end up maybe 50 or 100 calories below my calorie deficit goal. But, suddenly I remember “Constant vigilance!” and new that this was dangerous thinking. So, I did a Leslie Sansone 3 mile video which earned me an extra 184 calories above just sitting and reading. I then ate a small clementine for my snack (37 calories per My Fitness Pal) and I ended up with 5435 steps (goal is 4500 this month) and a calorie deficit on the Fitbit of 679 (goal is 600).

Constant vigilance!