Friday Weigh-In

Another week, another pound!  We attended our Weight Watchers meeting this morning and I lost one pound down to 183.6 pounds. It is cold here today and there was a little ice and snow overnight. Where I live that is a big deal. Most of the schools were closed and it was a very small meeting. But, I knew I was going to have a loss so I really wanted to be there. I’m a slow loser usually so losing a pound again this week was really good for me. My husband did well also and got to a total of 65 pounds lost. He is about 7 pounds away from his goal weight.

We also got this keychain for attending 4 meetings at the start of this year:


Overall, I was happy with the week. It started out a little iffy since I had a higher point meal out on last Friday and then got home and was really tired and had allergies bothering me. I took a day off from exercise (first day off in 10 days) and ended up with only 1630 steps for the day and consumed 233 more calories than I burned (according to Fitbit). After that, though, I at least met my 4500 steps a day for the rest of the week and ended up averaging 6000 steps a day. My goal this month is to have a 600 average calorie deficit each day on Fitbit. I got to 585 calories average deficit this week, which I was happy with since last Friday had been so bad.

We walked outside several times this week which really helps me when we can do that. Yesterday, it was rainy and cold so I used the treadmill instead. I will probably take today off since I haven’t had a day off since last Friday. This time, though, I plan to have at least some calorie deficit. We had lunch at Genghis Grill which is easy for me to stay within my plan for the day.

How was your week?


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    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Congratulations on the loss! That’s awesome! I had a lot of small losses as well, but all of those small loses add up over time! 🙂

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