Over 10,000 Steps and 2000 Calories Burned!

I don’t often does this so I have to blow my own horn just a little.  On Saturday I walked 10,011 steps and burned 2039 calories according to my Fitbit:


I didn’t really set out to walk over 10,000 steps today.  I’ve done it a few times, but not in months.  I want to work up to doing it, but my goal for this month is an average of 4500 steps a day.  We went out to eat (Red Lobster) and then to the grocery store so I got some steps while shopping.  Then, we went for a walk a little over 2 miles.  And, a little bit of this and that around the house and I realized about 11:00 that I was only 700 steps from 10,000.  So I hopped on the treadmill to get them!

Doing all of that got my calorie burn according to Fitbit over 2000 calories.  That is really where I want to be every day but I don’t often get much over 1900 calories.  I think that Fitbit calculates my BMR at a little under 1400 calories per day so I have to make an effort to get over 2000 calories.  This is what I need to work up to doing almost every day.



    • Kitty says

      Fitbit is great. It keeps my focus on whether I have a calorie deficit each day (I record food in My Fitness Pal which then talks to the Fitbit). Very motivating to me.

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