Friday Weigh-In 2/28/14

I didn’t weigh in last week because of a late scheduled appointment that conflicted with my meeting. I did go to my Weight Watchers weigh in today.  I was down .6 pounds to 180.6 pounds.  I wasn’t all that happy with the amount of the loss, but was happy to have a loss.  I do know why I didn’t lose much.  I was happy with how I ate this week.  I still had a few weekly points left at the end of the week and I averaged 1227 calories a day for the week.  It actually was my best week foodwise for the entire month. [Read more…]

Fitbit Force Recalled

Fitbit I just found out that the Fitbit Force has been voluntarily recalled by Fitbit.  The recall is described by Fitbit with this FAQ:  Fitbit Force Skin Irritation FAQs. Basically, Fitbit has indicated that a small percentage of users (I read that Fitbit estimated this at 1.7%) had reported skin irritation and that Fitbit has decided to stop selling the Fitbit Force and, if you return your Force, will provide a full refund.

There is a huge thread on the customer service forum where people began complaining of a rash or burns on the arm.  From what I read, typically this starts as a small rash under the face of the Force and progresses from there.  Many describe it as being more like a burn than a rash.  Reading the descriptions, it does sound extremely unpleasant.

All of that said, I personally…so far anyway…haven’t had any problems with skin irritation with my Fitbit Force.  However, some people have apparently not seen reactions until after wearing the Force for a couple of months.  I bought mine in mid-November.  On the one hand, maybe if I was going to have a reaction I would have had it by now.  On the other hand, maybe I just haven’t have had a reaction yet, and could still have one in the future. [Read more…]

Friday NWI

As I posted yesterday, this week was a struggle.  That was not the reason, however, that I didn’t weigh in this week.  I did follow my plan for yesterday evening.  I ended up using all my weekly points for the week, plus one activity point.  I had 8 activity points left over.  So, the food part ended up OK.  I was under on activity due to allergies.  But, overall, Fitbit said I had a calorie deficit for the week so I would have expected a small loss had I weighed in.

I didn’t weigh in today because I had to be about 50 miles away from where my meeting was for an appointment that was a scheduled late in the week.  My original plan this week had been to go to my meeting this morning, then eat at home lightly (instead of going out to lunch like we usually do), and then to go out Friday night with my husband to Macaroni Grill for our anniversary dinner.  Well, being gone all day put a crimp in that plan.  I was worried at first at having to eat out twice in the day, since we would gone at lunch time. [Read more…]

This Week is a Struggle

This week has been such a struggle.  In some ways, it hasn’t gone all that badly.  My Weight Watchers week ends tonight, with me usually weighing in on Friday.  I’ve eaten within my points, and have 1 daily point left to eat.  I also have 9 Activity points left.  I’ve been above 5000 steps on 4 days of this week, with the top day being 8938 steps.  To help with having more daily movement, apart from exercise, we (well, my husband really) built me a treadmill desk that I can use while walking at low speed on the treadmill.  I did it for 2 days this week for an hour or so and it worked great.  Also, tomorrow is my 22nd wedding anniversary so I’m looking forward to that.

OK, that is pretty much everything that is good about this week.  The first thing that happened was that my allergies that had gotten much better, came back with a vengeance after we took a long walk outside last Friday.  I woke up Saturday morning with red, running, itchy eyes and that has continued all week.  I also started sneezing and feeling congested due to allergies.  Tree pollen is apparently very high right now, unusually so for February, perhaps because the weather was in the 70s most of the week. [Read more…]

Mostly OT – Interesting Evening

So this was an interesting evening.  This post is mostly OT, but posting anyway.

Earlier this evening I was playing some Hearthstone.  This is an online card game.  I was playing in Arena where you put together a deck from specific cards given you.  You then play that deck against a random person.  When you have lost either lost 3 games or won 12, you are finished with that deck and receive a prize based upon how well you did.  Each game you play against someone different, who has a similar win record. [Read more…]