Goals Update

I previously posted goals for 2014 and then interim goals for January.  I did reasonably well on them, but am going to revamp some of them for February.

First, my grades for January, stating the goal first and then how I did on it.

Keep this blog up and go to WW meetings.  That is all part of staying accountable, which I realize is critical to my loss. – A – I did not miss any meetings and I posted consistently on this blog.

Create a calorie deficit per Fitbit of an average of at least 600 calories a day.  Theoretically, if I do this, I would lose 5.3 pounds in January.  In reality, I believe that I burn about 200 calories a day less than what Fitbit says I burn. – B –  From the time I posted this on January 1, I lost 4.4 pounds.  My average Fitbit deficit per day for the month was 573 calories a day, which would theoretically equate to a loss of about 5.1 pounds.  My loss of 4.4 pounds was about what would be expected with a deficit of 497 calories a day so basically my calorie deficit was 76 calories a less a day than what Fitbit says it is, rather than 200 calories less so that was better than I expected.  In any event, for the last 2 weeks of the month, Fitbit said I averaged a calorie deficit of 646 calories a day so I finished the month strong.

Eat fruit or veggies at every meal. – C – I didn’t always eat these at every meal.  There were some days that I ate 3 meals and had 3 servings but it wasn’t one at each meal.  I averaged 2.6 fruit/veggie servings a day so the overall was reasonably close to what I was trying to do, but some days were 5 servings and other days were 1 serving.

Walk an average of 4500 steps a day, which is 31500 steps a week. – A+ – I did great on this one.  I averaged 5704 steps a day for the month.  The last 2 weeks I averaged 6634 steps a day.  We did a lot of walking outside and I really prioritized this one. I also did some Leslie Sansone videos or the treadmill when I needed some steps beyond what we did outside or when the weather was bad.

Row 1 day a week for at least 30 minutes. – C – Something had to give with us doing so much walking and it was the rowing and strength training that got the short shrift.  I did do some rowing but not always for the full 30 minutes and not every week.

Strength training 1 day a week for at least 30 minutes each time. – C – I kept changing what I wanted to do on this.  Early in the month I was doing just standard stuff with dumbbells.  Then, I started working on more stuff like planks (which are hard for me).  I just wasn’t consistent with this.

Go through recipes to identify good cook ahead freezer recipes and make some so that I have food to easily prepare when hungry without it taking a lot of time.  This will help me to not grab a commercial frozen dinner from the freezer. – C – I’m behind on this one.  I did go through some recipes, but I haven’t made any yet.  On the other hand, I didn’t eat many commercial frozen dinners, so I was really happy with my overall eating over the month.

When sitting at my computer, get up and move for at least a couple of minutes every hour. – B- – I did this fairly well, but there were times that I got absorbed in something and didn’t move for a couple of hours.

Sleep an average of 7 hours a day according to Fitbit.  Fitbit does overcount sleep.  It counts some non-sleep as sleep.  That is, I’m just laying in bed, but not moving much.  Still, this is a start. – A – Maybe because of all the walking, I slept better this month.  Fitbit says it was an average of 7 hours, 13 minutes a night.  Again, that isn’t actually totally sleep since Fitbit counts being very still as sleep.  Still, it was an improvement over December.

General Impression – I was really happy with my number of steps and with my calorie deficit.  On the other things, I think I probably set too many goals and didn’t give myself enough flexibility.  So, while I plan to work on all these things during February, I’m only going to set formal goals for a few of them.  With regard to the rowing and the strength training, I’m going to leave them out of the formal goals for now.  Right now I want to prioritize the walking instead of rowing unless the weather is bad.  As far as strength training, I will continue to work on it, but I’m undecided as to exactly what I’ll be doing so I want to leave more flexibility.

February Goals

1. Keep this blog up and go to WW meetings.

2. Create a calorie deficit per Fitbit of an average of at least 700 calories a day.

3. Eat at least 3 fruits or veggies each day.

4. Walk an average of 6500 steps a day.

5. When sitting at my computer, get up and move for at least a couple of minutes every hour.

6. Sleep an average of 7 hours 15 minutes a day according to Fitbit.

How are you doing on your goals for this year?


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