Blah Week

This is the first week in a couple of months that has been a real struggle. It started out good. I usually take Friday as my day off from exercise, but we did a really long outdoor walk on Friday because it looked like it would cold and rainy on Sunday. I ended up walking over 10,000 steps and burning over 2000 calories which is a good day for me.

Then, Saturday things just started falling apart. My allergies started bothering me more and I just didn’t feel great. Since then, I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping and I haven’t felt like doing anything. The weather has also been bad.

So, today, I went to get my regular allergy shot and while I was there I was able to see someone and get some medication for my allergies. But, that will take a day or two to kick in.

As a result, this will probably end up being a week without much exercise. I’ve done OK on eating. My overall calories I’ve eaten is typical of how I usually eat. But, due to lack of activity my calorie deficit has been less than usual.

While the Fitbit says I’ve had a calorie deficit of about 2200 calories so far this week, on the scale I was up .3 of a pound this morning. So, that’s annoying.

In the past, when I’ve had a week like this where my activity is down a lot even though I should still have a loss, sometimes I end up going to my meeting and having a gain. That always annoys me so much, particularly when I’ve been careful on eating.

Need to not let this derail me though. I’ve really wanted to eat a lot and I think part of it is just boredom since I haven’t felt like doing much. I’ve held off pretty good. But, it’s been a struggle.



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