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Well, it’s Friday so its weigh-in day…but it’s not.  I elected not to weigh in today.  I posted earlier about this being a blah week.  My allergies were bothering me a lot and I developed a really sore spot in my throat so I wasn’t very active.  The good news is that the medication that I was given for my allergies has really helped a lot so that part is getting better.  And, with that getting better my throat is better.  And, a positive is that I’ve done fine on food for the week.  I was really careful once I realized how inactive I was going to be for the week.  Even with the inactivity, I would have expected to have about a .5 to .7 loss today if I had weighed in.  But, as of this morning I was up on my scale by about a pound.  I know it isn’t real.  The medication I’m taking for my allergies causes water retention.  So, I know to expect this until I’m off the medication (I think it will be OK by next Friday but it might not be able to the next week).

I know that some might say I should have gone and weighed in today even with the gain.  I would even agree with that if the gain would have been because I overate during the week.  But, I averaged 1226 calories a day for the week so I know my eating has been fine and that is below my BMR so I should have at least a small loss.  The “gain” I would have shown today would have been water retention from the medication.  Going to a meeting and weighing in when I know I’ve gained due to overeating is painful, but necessary.  Weighing in for a gain when I know the gain isn’t necessary, and just drives me nuts.  Maybe it shouldn’t bother me but it does.  So I decided to just not weigh in today.





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    I am glad that you are feeling better! There is that saying that you always get what you deserve on the scale, just not the week you deserve it. So just keep on doing your plan and it will follow. 😀

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