All Tired Out

SashaI was all tired out because I had gone for a long walk this afternoon. So, I was reading in bed. I’m not sure what excuse the cats had, though. They hadn’t been anywhere except lounging around all day.Stazi

I finally felt well enough yesterday to exercise after having been felled by allergies all week.  So, did two sessions on the treadmill for a total of almost an hour and a half and then I did a strength training session with my dumbbells.  Yes, I felt incredibly virtuous.  I hadn’t worked with the weights in awhile and woke up this morning with my legs really sore.  The weather was good so DH and I went out for an hour long walk.  I was glad to see that we are walking a little faster.  We did in 1 hour what used to take about an extra 15 minutes.  Fitbit gave me credit for 16 flights of stairs since the area we walk in is a little hilly.  I felt great when I got home, but it wasn’t long before my thighs really started protesting.  I wanted to use the spa, but we need to add a little water to it.  So I just curled up in bed with cats and read for awhile.


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