I rarely eat pizza.  I do like it, but it usually has too many calories and usually is on refined grain.  But, in my WW meeting a couple of weeks ago my great leader, Kim, gave some ideas for a great homemade pizza so I made it for lunch.  It was only 301 calories, and 8 Points Plus for half of the large pizza.

Here it is before cooking:

Pizza 1




HEB 100% Whole Wheat Ultra Thin & Crispy Pizza Crust – This was only 175 calories for half the large crust!

HEB – Turkey Pepperoni Slices, 22 slices – Next time I think I’ll try chicken on this but the turkey pepperoni was really good.

HEB Roasted Garlic Pizza Sauce, 1/2 cup

Laughing Cow – Lite Garlic and Herb – 2 wedges – I just spread this over the sauce

1/2 Red bell pepper, chopped up

2 scallions, chopped up

1/4 c. Athenos Fat Free Crumbled Feta

This is the sort of blurry pic of how it looked after it was cooked.  By the time I realized it was blurry I had already eaten my half of the pizza….


Pizza 2

But, it was all really yummy and I felt it was reasonably healthy although I think it would be even better to use chicken rather than the turkey pepperoni.




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