Doing What You Don’t Want To

Sometimes, for weight loss, you just have to do what you don’t want to.  Yesterday, I had no energy and was sore and didn’t want to do anything.  Saturday I did a new strength training workout.  It didn’t seem all that difficult when I did it, but Sunday morning I was sore.  Then I went for a long walk up and down the hills of the neighborhood.  My thighs protested.   By the time I got home from the walk, I was tired but felt exhilarated by the walk.  I was a little surprised when I woke up Monday to still be so sore in the legs, especially my quads.  Also, I just had no energy and didn’t want to do anything.  So, most of the day I didn’t.  I did stuff at the computer, made a turkey pepperoni pizza and then sat around and read.  I even took a short afternoon nap which I rarely do.  By the evening I was on a pace to walk 2000 steps for the day, well below my current goal of 6500 steps.  I was spending the evening doing something I rarely do:  watching TV.  Specifically, I was watching recorded episodes of Chopped, which is one of very few TV shows that I ever watch.

I sat in the bedroom watching Chopped, while also reading, and debated with myself.  I should get on the treadmill and walk some.  But, I was sore from Saturday and had no energy and didn’t want to.  But, earlier I had corralled my husband and we had gone out used the spa for awhile so my legs were feeling a little better.  But, if I walked maybe they would hurt more.  On the other hand, I was at the end of taking the medication that was causing me to retain water so if I could get my activity going I would probably show a loss at my weigh in this Friday.  And, I was way below my 6500 step average I wanted for February since I had taken off while I was sick.

Finally, after mentally debating this for awhile, I jumped on the treadmill and walked about 5000 steps while watching recorded Chopped episodes.  I finished the day with 6907 steps and a calorie deficit, per Fitbit, of 595.  That was below what I ideally like but given that my overall activity for the day wasn’t that good (I ate only 1239 calories) I was happy with it.  Now that it is Tuesday morning and my scale is finally showing the water retention going away, I was glad that I had talked myself into using the treadmill.  In the past, that has sometimes been the time when I’ve gotten off track.  I’ve gotten sick and quit exercising during it.  Then, I’ve had trouble getting back into activity.  I do much, much, much better when I set a routine of activity and stick with it.  So, when I have to take a break I am really vulnerable to getting off track.  Glad I haven’t done that this time.


    • Kitty says

      Oh, thank you. I sometimes feel like such a wimp because I struggle so much to get up and do this stuff. But, when I do it, I’m always so glad that I did….

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