Of Weekdays and Weekends

On Tatlock’s Truth, there was a link to a fascinating article about weekend versus weekday eating.  This analyzed information from Finnish and American people who recorded their weights each morning for almost a year.  They found that most people had their highest weights on Sunday and Monday, after the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday.  They divided the subjects into 3 groups:  weight losers, weight gainers, and weight maintainers.  What was fascinating was that weight losers reduced their weight over the weekdays and had their lowest numbers on Friday.  They found that those who lost weight reached their lowest weight of the week between Thursday and Saturday in 74% of the weeks recorded.  Basically, those who lost weight appeared to compensate for the higher weight on the weekend by eating less and losing more during the week.

This was really interesting to me because this is exactly why I weigh in at Weight Watchers on Friday.  I tend to weigh in on Friday, then to go to lunch after my meeting.  Then, we usually go out to eat on Saturday (occasionally Sunday).   On the days we eat out, I tend to eat higher calories than on the other days.  So, I tend to show my highest weight on the scale on Monday morning.  But, for Monday through Thursday I am really careful.  Sometimes I do eat out on those days, but I make sure that my eating out doesn’t cause me to eat more than I would have eaten at home.

Today was an example of that.  Right now, on two days of the week, I’m driving my daughter to community college since she has a learner’s permit and can’t drive by herself yet.  School is far enough away from our home that it doesn’t make sense to come home while she is in class.  Today it was cold and I knew I wouldn’t be walking outside, so I drove to a nearby mall and walked about 4000 steps in the mall.  I was going to eat at the food court, but there were no good choices.  Everything available was either too high in calories or junk food, or both.  So, I left and went to Genghis Grill where I could build a bowl and have a meal that would be similar in calories to what I would eat at home.  It is already Tuesday and I know that I always want to be at my lowest weight on Friday so I was very careful about what I ate.  I really do think that weighing in on Friday helps me to stick with the pattern that the successful weight losers used in the study.




  1. says

    This is interesting because I have been reading articles lately that talk about the benefit of having a day or two a week where one eats a little more than usual with the idea being your metabolism will benefit by that and you can achieve some more weight loss. By the way, how long have you been on WW and do you find it is beneficial to you? Thanks!

    • Kitty says

      I am a regained lifetime member of Weight Watchers (from 20 years ago). I regained because I quit doing WW. I have gone back off and on over the years. I’ve been diligently doing it again since October. I find that the meetings and the weigh in really help me with accountability.

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