Friday Weigh In

After taking last week off from my weigh in (I was taking a medication that causes water retention so I knew it would craze me to weigh in and have a gain due to that), I returned to my Weight Watchers weigh in today.  I was down 1.2 pounds to 181.2 pounds.  Since this covers a 2 week period, it is an average of .6 pounds a week.  That is a little lower than I like, but last week I didn’t do any real exercise due to my allergies. I got back on track with exercise this week so that was good.  I ate reasonably well this week, but ate a little more calories.  In fact, I ate all of my weekly points and 2 of my activity points.  This is mostly because last Friday we ate out at Chili’s and I had a lunch item that I like, but which is more calories than I usually eat (the meal was 1155 calories which is about 400 calories more than my usual max when I eat out).  I only have this item rarely, but thought I could have it last Friday since I hadn’t had it in over a month.  Looking back on it, I don’t think I will have it again.  It is good, but eating it made the entire day go over where I like to be on my eating out days.  And, doing that, put me behind for the whole week and I had to be even more careful for the rest of the week.  It worked out OK, but I don’t like feeling like I’m behind the eight ball the whole week.

Today, of course, was Valentine’s Day so Charles and I wanted to go out for lunch somewhere a little more special than our usual Friday meals.  I didn’t want to eat out tonight, since everything is too crowded on Valentine’s Day evening.  Even though I wanted to eat somewhere more special I also wanted to be somewhat careful what I ate.  I didn’t want to spend 1155 calories on this meal!  I particularly didn’t want to do it since Charles and I are going out to a restaurant next Friday where I know the meal will be higher calorie than usual (this will be for our anniversary).  So I don’t want two Fridays in a row with high calorie meals.

We ended up going to Carabba’s for lunch.  It was wonderful.  Before we went in the restaurant, I called up the nutritional information on my iPad.  Then I set it up on the table while I was looking at the menu.  I ended up having the Chicken Bryan (421 calories for a small portion with no sides), half a serving of the bread and oil brought to the table (150 calories), half a serving of the grilled vegetables (46 calories) and a cup of the Spicy Sicilian Chicken Soup (121 calories).  The total was 738 calories and was delicious.  I was really glad that I had used the nutritional information to stay on plan.

After we got home, we went out for a long walk since the weather was great (in the low 70s).

How was your week?



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