Planning Meals

I don’t really plan my meals much in advance.  While I know there is a lot to be said for planning them in advance, I usually don’t plan them all that carefully, mostly because I never quite know what I am going to be doing.  I often have a general idea, though.  So, Friday evening, my basic idea for Saturday was that my husband and I would go out to lunch, most probably to Panera or Chili’s.  Then, we would probably come home and go for a long walk.  We often take Friday off from walking, but had walked this Friday.  Still, I had intended to walk on Saturday.

Well, I woke up Saturday and that plan was all shot.  My allergies that had gone away with medication were back with a vengeance.  This time, it wasn’t sneezing so much as my eyes watering and itching.  I went to put in my allergy drops in my eyes and found that I was out of medication with no refills remaining.  Sigh.  So, I just felt wretched the entire day and didn’t want to do anything.  I looked up pollen counts and found that the tree pollen counts have been unseasonably high so that long walk on Friday probably hadn’t helped me.

About mid-day, my husband asked if I wanted to go out to eat.  I told that I really didn’t, but I also didn’t really want to cook anything either.  He had to run an errand and I suggested he pick something up.  We decided he would stop at Subway.  Now, in the past this is the type of situation where I would get in trouble.  I would feel bad and order a too high calorie sandwich, plus a cookie and chips.  I would then end up eating it, but would still want something to eat in the evening and so would end up with a day where I had no calorie deficit.  This was particularly a risk on Saturday since it was going to be a low activity day.

But, this was a time when planning came in handy.  I figured out how many calories I was willing to eat for the day (a little more than normal but not a lot more than normal).  I figured out what I would want to eat for the rest of the day. I planned to have soup for dinner (120 calories) and then planned for a couple of snacks.  I then deducted that from the calories I had available for the day and came up with what I could afford to eat at Subway.  I decided that I would have some jalapeno chips (yes, junk, I know), but no cookie.  Then, I used the Subway nutritional calculator to figure out what sandwich I could have.  I swiftly decided that the Chipotle sauce would have to go and that plain mustard would be fine.  But eventually, I came up a sandwich that met my criteria.

I ended up enjoying the sandwich and chips.  The soup for dinner was very good. I switched around the snacks a bit, but I ended the day with 40 calories left over and had a small calorie deficit for the day.

Granted I didn’t plan on Friday what I would eat on Saturday.  But, I do think it helped a lot to plan out the rest of the day once I realized it would be a low activity day and I knew that I wanted to have something from Subway.

Does planning help you with staying on track with your food?




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    Awesome job planning! When I’m going to a restaurant, I normally look up calories before I even land there, so I know what I’m going to have before I go. Best way to do it! 🙂

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