Mostly OT – Interesting Evening

So this was an interesting evening.  This post is mostly OT, but posting anyway.

Earlier this evening I was playing some Hearthstone.  This is an online card game.  I was playing in Arena where you put together a deck from specific cards given you.  You then play that deck against a random person.  When you have lost either lost 3 games or won 12, you are finished with that deck and receive a prize based upon how well you did.  Each game you play against someone different, who has a similar win record.

I’m not really a very good Hearthstone player, but I find it fun.  I was doing really well with the deck I had put together and had won 6 games, which is really good for me.  But, I was starting to play against better players so the games were getting harder. My son walked in the room, while I was playing a game trying for my 7th win.  I commented to him that things had been going well, but I was having a little trouble in this game.  He glanced at my screen and then commented that he bet I was having difficulty. I asked him why.  He told me that he recognized the name of my opponent and he was a really good and notable player.  That didn’t make me feel better.  Then, he told me that this player was probably live streaming the game.  Sometimes good players live stream their games, making comments about the game play.  I’ve learned a lot watching some live streams.  Well that made me even more nervous, since I didn’t want to have someone commenting about every error that I made.  I started playing really carefully so I didn’t make any silly errors.  The game started going a little better for me. I told my son that maybe he was wrong about who I was playing and it wasn’t the notable player he thought he was.  He said he would go check and disappeared to his room.  He didn’t come back so I thought he hadn’t found out anything.  I kept playing.  I saw a way to win and narrowly won the game.

A few minutes later my son came in the room and made a comment about my last play in the game.  I asked him how he knew.  He told me that I had been playing the player he thought I was up against and this guy was live streaming the game so he had watched the last part of the game.  This made me feel nervous to know that people had been watching me play the game.  He hastened to tell that there weren’t all that many watching – only about 300 people.  Well, that seemed like a lot to me!  He also said that (thankfully) the player streaming the play hadn’t said anything about me doing anything stupid in the game so I was glad to hear that!  Anyway, that was definitely interesting.  And, I’m quite sure I’m not going to be streaming any of my games any time soon given how nervous I was at the very thought of it!

OK.  Back on topic now.  After that, I went and used my new DIY treadmill desk for an hour.  I’m going to do a post about the building of the treadmill desk so won’t say much about it now.  But, it was definitely cool to use.

Then, I went back to my computer and was again playing a little Hearthstone when I heard my daughter call my husband into the kitchen.  I could hear something was going on about the sink, but couldn’t hear exactly what it was.  As soon as my game ended I went in there and found that the prep sink in our island had fallen down.  It is undermounted under the granite top of the island and the adhesive apparently came loose and the whole sink just fell down!  I had never seen anything like that and had no idea that a sink could even do that.  Sigh…another thing to deal with….


    • Kitty says

      Well, it was the first time I’ve ever had it happened and I’ve had a lot of undermount sinks. But it was definitely startling!

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