This Week is a Struggle

This week has been such a struggle.  In some ways, it hasn’t gone all that badly.  My Weight Watchers week ends tonight, with me usually weighing in on Friday.  I’ve eaten within my points, and have 1 daily point left to eat.  I also have 9 Activity points left.  I’ve been above 5000 steps on 4 days of this week, with the top day being 8938 steps.  To help with having more daily movement, apart from exercise, we (well, my husband really) built me a treadmill desk that I can use while walking at low speed on the treadmill.  I did it for 2 days this week for an hour or so and it worked great.  Also, tomorrow is my 22nd wedding anniversary so I’m looking forward to that.

OK, that is pretty much everything that is good about this week.  The first thing that happened was that my allergies that had gotten much better, came back with a vengeance after we took a long walk outside last Friday.  I woke up Saturday morning with red, running, itchy eyes and that has continued all week.  I also started sneezing and feeling congested due to allergies.  Tree pollen is apparently very high right now, unusually so for February, perhaps because the weather was in the 70s most of the week.

I did call and get some new medication yesterday.  On the one hand, I was not prescribed prednisone, which is the medication that made me retain water last time.  On the other hand, everything else I was prescribed isn’t as effective in alleviating my allergies systems.  But, with the allergies, I haven’t wanted to go outside and haven’t had energy to do much exercise wise.  I’m glad I managed to walk at a slow pace on the treadmill using the new treadmill desk for at least a couple of days (I do plan to do a post about the making of the desk, when I feel more energy to get anything done).  So, the calories I’ve burned this week are less than what I would like to be burning.

This has also been the week (really, the month) from Hades with regard to household problems.  Fate seems to be conspiring to have me use up the entire annual household repair budget during this month.  It started with us getting an unusually high water bill for the second month in a row (I’m talking an increase of usage of about 10,000 gallons a month).  We thought last month that maybe it was an anomaly.  But, when it continued this month we started looking for water leaks.  We had a plumber out who found nothing.  And, the new water readings seem normal.  We had long planned to replace the toilets in this house ever since we moved here almost two years ago, so we decided this was a good opportunity to do that.  So, we decided to spend the money to buy 3 new toilets and have them installed.  We did, and I can’t believe that I could be that ecstatic about new toilets….  So, we still don’t really know why the huge water bill. My husband thinks maybe it is the irrigation system (he turned off the water to it, and we haven’t had any high readings since then, so we’ll see what happens when we turn it back on).

We also heard a strange noise from the HVAC system and had to have someone out to fix that.  Not a huge expense, but it still adds up.  Then, this week, we had what we thought was a malfunctioning smoke alarm, that actually turned out to be a malfunctioning carbon monoxide detector.  We found that out when the electrician came out. Also, as I mentioned the other night, our undermount prep sink came loose and had to be remounted properly.  On top of all of that, the microwave has started behaving erratically, just occasionally refusing to run at all.  The worse part is that this isn’t a countertop microwave.  No, this is the over the cooktop microwave/hood.  It has had problems several times since we moved into this house, so it doesn’t really make sense to try to repair it.  Replacing it will cost several hundred dollars, which I’m not that enthusiastic about.

The other thing is that my scheduling for tomorrow has gone awry.  I had it all planned.  We would go to our Weight Watchers meeting.  We usually go to lunch after the meeting, but we would skip that tomorrow.  Instead, we would go out to dinner at Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  We would share one loaf of the wonderful bread, then I would order the Create Your Own Pasta with whole wheat pasta and chicken and some veggies and just a little oil.  I love eating there, but rare do since it is always “red” meal for me (that is, it is a meal that is over about 1100 calories).  But, for our anniversary, I figured I would eat carefully the rest of the day and could afford it since it would be first day of my Weight Watchers week.

Well.  Things transpired.  Long story short, I will be away from home the entire day.  I will miss my Weight Watchers meeting. We’ll be going to an appointment in the morning (over 50 miles away from home), then I have stuff I need to do in that area in the afternoon.  So, I’ll be eating out for lunch.  I really would prefer not to eat out for lunch on a day when I was already planning a larger calorie dinner.  Sigh.  So, Friday may end up being even more caloric than I had planned.  I’m even thinking about going somewhere else for dinner where it is easier to eat for less calories.  I know a lot of restaurants where I can do that, but I tend to often eat at them.  I was wanting to go somewhere Friday that I don’t just go every week.  So…still thinking about this.

And, on top of all that, I’ve been hungry today and even less active.  I got almost no sleep last night.  Not sure why, but I’ve been exhausted all day on top of the allergies.  I haven’t even walked on the treadmill slowly.  I’ve eaten 25 points, and have 1 left for the day.  And, I used up the last of my weekly points yesterday.  Usually I have about 10 left at the end of the week.  So, I do want something to eat, but it would probably “cost” more than 1 point (a point is about 35-40 calories depending on what it is).  Fruit is zero point, and I had some earlier.  Part of me wants to just eat whatever, particularly since I know I’m not weighing in tomorrow.

To make it clear, even though I’ve used almost my weekly points, it isn’t like I’ve gone crazy eating this week.  According to My Fitness Pal, I’ve eaten an average of 1229 points a day this week.  So, I haven’t done that badly.  And, there is no wonder I’m still hungry today.  I’ve eaten only 911 calories – which has equated to 25 daily points.  I could eat 10 points more of food today and still be within my Weight Watchers points for the week.  That is because I still have left 9 activity points that I can eat.  So, it is really totally OK on Weight Watchers for me to eat those activity points (although I usually don’t).  Normally, I am really careful what I eat on Thursday since I know I will weigh in on Friday.  But, I’m not weighing in on Friday as I’ll be 50 miles away when the meeting would normally take place.  So, I could eat some of those activity points this evening and it would be OK.  What would not be OK would be to eat above the activity points that I have left for the week.  Well, I guess I could do it if I wanted to, but it would not be a good thing for me to do.

All right.  So, I’ll wait awhile and if I’m still hungry I’ll feel free to eat some of the activity points I have left.  I’m not going to eat all 9 of them, maybe 2 or 3.

Edit:  OK. It’s a few hours later.  What I did was I ate a half cup of strawberries (0 points), a Weight Watchers jalapeno cheese stick (1 point), and 2 Triscuits (1 point).  So, I used my 1 daily point left, plus 1 of my activity points, with 8 activity points left over.  I also talked to my husband about the concern I had for tomorrow.  We came up with a plan for the day that doesn’t have me eating too many during the day.  We are probably going to change where we go out for dinner Friday night to some place that is a little lower calorie to eat at.


    • Kitty says

      Me, too. I couldn’t believe it that this week was so crazy. At one point, we had the plumber and the electrician both coming on the same day!


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