Friday Weigh-In 2/28/14

I didn’t weigh in last week because of a late scheduled appointment that conflicted with my meeting. I did go to my Weight Watchers weigh in today.  I was down .6 pounds to 180.6 pounds.  I wasn’t all that happy with the amount of the loss, but was happy to have a loss.  I do know why I didn’t lose much.  I was happy with how I ate this week.  I still had a few weekly points left at the end of the week and I averaged 1227 calories a day for the week.  It actually was my best week foodwise for the entire month.

The big issue was that I really had no activity to speak of during the week.  This was a combination of factors.  My allergies were still bothering me a lot early in the week.  Later in the week, they started clearing but I was just exhausted most of the time.  This was because I was getting very little sleep.  I had a couple of nights where I just got up during the middle of the night to read or use the computer because I was just tossing and turning and not sleeping at all.  I think this was tied to the allergies.  While the allergies were bothering me, I had difficulty sleeping and got out of my normal sleep cycle.  Then, even though I was feeling better, I still couldn’t sleep that well for the rest of the week and I just didn’t feel like doing any exercise at all.  Which just goes to show how important exercise is to my weight loss.  From my last December weigh in to my last January weigh in, I lost 4.4 pounds.  From my last January weigh in to today’s weigh in, I lost 1.8 pounds.  I did eat a little more during February, it wasn’t a lot more.  The larger difference was that due to my allergies I was much less active during February.  When I’m not active I don’t have much of a calorie deficit and I don’t lose very fast.  I remember in the past often losing from .2 to .5 of a pound at Weight Watchers, and being unhappy about it.  Looking back on it, this was mostly during times when I wasn’t very active.  For me to have any kind of reasonable loss, I really need the activity.  I really want to get into the 170s for my next weigh in, so plan to step up the activity since I slept better last night and the allergies are better as well.

How was your week?


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