February Goals Update

I meant to post an update on my February goals on Saturday, but got diverted with our new cat that we brought home that day:


We had a lot of fun this weekend getting to know Kat (short for Katerina) and introducing her to our other cats.  So, I got bit behind on posting my goals update.

Last month, I gave myself letter grades on my goals.  I was commenting to my husband that for February I would be getting an F on a goal.  He objected on the ground that the reason for the F was because I had been able to be as active due to allergies.  My response was that I saw the grades as simply a measure of whether I had met a goal or not and that it wasn’t relevant what the reason was.  Still, he felt I was being harsh to give myself an F when there was a health reason I couldn’t meet a goal.  On thinking about it, I decided that he was really right so I’ll simply be posting each month whether I met or didn’t meet a goal or partially met it, and I won’t characterize that with a grade.

February’s goal results

1. Keep this blog up and go to WW meetings. – Mostly met.  I kept the blog up and went to 2 out of 4 WW meetings.  One meeting I chose not to go to because I was taking medication that caused me to retain water and I knew I would have a temporary weight gain and it crazes me to show an unjustified weight gain at weigh in.  The other time a late scheduled, necessary appointment had to be attended at the same time as the WW meeting and I couldn’t go to an alternative meeting.  I didn’t quite post quite as often to this blog as I really intended to.  That was mostly due to just not feeling well due to my allergies.

2. Create a calorie deficit per Fitbit of an average of at least 700 calories a day. – Not met.  In fact, I did much worse in February than in January.  In January, I averaged a calorie deficit per day of 573 calories (goal was 600) which I averaged a 419 calorie deficit per day during February.  Part of this was increased food consumption.  I averaged 1213 calories a day in January, and averaged 1268 in February.  I don’t really feel bad about the increase.  I think 1213 calories a day is a little low and feel happier closer to about 1250 per day on average.  The major part of the decreased calorie deficit was due to much less activity in February.  I averaged 1686 calorie burn per day (per Fitbit) in February compared to 1786 in January.  This was really attributable to the allergies.  I had little activity the first week of February and the last 10 days of February due to my allergies causing me to just feel awful and also due to my lack of sleep and feeling exhausted (which, in part, was related to the allergies).  I’m not happy that I didn’t get closer on this goal, but I am happy that I didn’t just give up when I was feeling bad.  In past, this has been the kind of situation where I’ve been more inclined to just give up tracking and started eating a lot more, feeling sorry for myself for being sick.  I’m glad I didn’t do that.

3. Eat at least 3 fruits or veggies each day. – Partially met.  I ate an average of 2.2 per day.  I have no real excuse on this one.  It is true that when I was feeling bad, I didn’t want to put much effort into cooking or putting together healthy meals.  But, it doesn’t take much effort to eat another 1/2 cup of berries a day.  I just didn’t prioritize this one enough to check each day to see if I had met it.

4. Walk an average of 6500 steps a day. – This goes back to the allergies.  I wasn’t close on this.  My goal in January had been an average of 4500 steps a day and I did 5706.  So, for February I upped my goal to 6500.  During the middle part of the month, when I wasn’t sick and I was sleeping well, I did this.  But, the rest of the month I wasn’t close.  My average was 4553 steps a day so I didn’t come close to meeting this goal.  We did build a treadmill desk toward the end of the month so I could get more steps in apart from when doing fitness walking.

5. When sitting at my computer, get up and move for at least a couple of minutes every hour. – I did reasonably well on this, but wasn’t consistent on doing it all the time.

6. Sleep an average of 7 hours 15 minutes a day according to Fitbit. – Not close.  During January, I averaged 7:13 hours a day.  For February, I was down to 6:55 hours a day.  I did notice an interesting correlation in my record.  There is a strong correlation between my more active days when I had a lot steps and the days when I slept a lot.  During some days where I had over 6000 steps a day I had slept around 8 hours (per Fitbit, which does over estimate my sleep) the night before.  I’m not sure if there is any causality here or what the direction of causality is if it exists.  That is, do I exercise more when I’m well rested?  Or, do I sleep better when I’ve walked a lot of steps and been more active?  Or, are both of these things caused by something else?  That is, when my allergies aren’t bothering me do I sleep better and walk more steps?

So, March goals will be a repeat of February goals.  I see no reason to increase any of the goals.  But, I also see no reason to decrease any of them.  I am a little unsure about meeting the 700 calorie a day deficit, but I do want to try to stretch for it a bit, even if I don’t quite make it.

How are you doing on your goals for this year?

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