Friday Weigh-In

OK, I’m kind of put out by weigh-in today.  I did have a loss.  I went down .2 pound from 180.6 to 180.4.  Yes, I know, any loss is good.  But, I am still seriously put out.  Last week, I wasn’t happy with my weigh in of .6 as my numbers (Fitbit, MFP, WW) supported a greater loss, particularly when that was for 2 weeks.  I got up Saturday morning and even though I ate out on Friday I was down .6 of a pound of my scale at home, getting down to 179.3.  I felt then that some of “missing” weight loss from the prior week had shown up.  So, frankly, I expected to lose more than a pound this week.  And, in addition, to the loss that showed up on Saturday, I had a good week.

I averaged a calorie deficit of 461 calories a day.  That is below my goal, but should certainly support losing another half a pound on top of the .6 I showed on Saturday.  I also walked more steps, averaging over 6500 a day, about 2000 more a day than I did during February.  So, yeah, I’m not very happy with a two-tenths of a pound loss.  Usually when I don’t have a good loss, I can come up with a reason for it.  If I eat out the day before, or if I eat food with a lot of sodium that can do it.  Wanting to avoid TMI, I will gently say that constipation can be a factor for someone and that, for me, TOM is not a factor.   None of that applies to this week.  Doing strength training the day before weigh in can cause water retention, but I didn’t do that either.  I did walk more and walk faster on Thursday than I had on other days of the week.  But, usually that doesn’t affect my weight.  So, I’m not sure why I didn’t have a better loss.  Basically, my weight jumped on on Thursday morning by about a pound for no apparent reason.  It came down some on Friday, so I am thankful that I had any kind of loss at all.  But, it is so annoying to me since I worked really hard to have a good week.  Charles even mentioned to me that he could see why I would be upset because I worked much harder than he did to be active this week and to watch my points closely. He lost .4 of a pound and is 4 pounds away from goal now.  And, I’m happy about that.  I just wish my loss had been better.  Sigh.

I have not let this derail me.  We went out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes where I watched what I ate really carefully.  Since it is a buffet, I have to be careful about portion sizes there.  Then, we did some shopping.  When we got home we went for our first walk outside in a couple of weeks.  We hadn’t been walking outside much due to weather or me being sick.  I like the outside walks since we have hilly terrain in our subdivision so that makes the walks a better workout.



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    I went through a plateau period a little while back and it almost derailed me as well. Absolutely frustrating. I actually upped my daily calories from 1200 to 1400 and started losing more. It’s all about just playing around with things. I’m sure your weight loss will kick in again. Just hold on for the plateau!

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