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Just checking in since I haven’t posted since last Sunday.  I just had a great turkey chili for dinner.  I made it from this recipe at Finding Radiance.  I used 99% fat free ground turkey and kidney beans.  It was super good.  For my serving it was 5 points plus(247 calories).  If it was considered to be 4 servings, it would be 292 calories and 6 points plus.  I’ve been trying to find some make ahead recipes that I can freeze for easy later use.  I think this would work.  Next time I’ll double it and then freeze half of it.

This week has been pretty good, but not really typical.  I’ve done really well on food.  Also, my average daily calorie deficit has been much better.  Despite all that, I haven’t done that well on activity.  I did do a lot of walking last Friday and Saturday but I’ve held off since then.  I’ve had a nagging knee problem for weeks.  Almost 20 years ago, I had a tibial transfer which is a kind of knee surgery.  I was told after that not to run.  I’ve been careful with my knees since then.   If I do certain things it hurts under my knee cap.  Strength training the lower body is something where I have to be careful or I feel a twinge.  I don’t have a lot of cartilage in my knee so I want to be careful.

About a month ago, I started to do some stationary lunges.  I was careful doing them and thought it would be OK.  But, I noticed the next day that my left knee hurt a little bit.  So, I waited several days.  Then, the next time I just did step ups on a short step stool.  That wasn’t hard at all.  However, my knee hurt.  So, since then I haven’t do any strength training at all in several weeks.  I noticed that the slight pain in my left kneecap would seem to come and go.  I noticed it on a couple of the long walks in our neighborhood which is sort of hilly.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that occasionally it hurt behind the knee.  Well, on the back side, just above the knee on the right back part of the leg.  The back of the thigh I guess right before you get to the knee.  I think this may be something hamstring related (looking at drawings of the area).  I notice that if it hurts, it goes away if I bend my knees and gets worse when I stand up straight.  The pain isn’t severe, and it often isn’t there.  But, I noticed that this showed up after I started using my treadmill desk and walking more steps. That is walking at really low speeds – no more than 1.4 mph – for an hour to hour and a half a day.

So – with that background – I’ve taken it easy these past 5 days.  I am hoping that by doing that, this will get better.  It has been hard not to do anything, because I really do want to be walking more.  It is frustrating to be walking 3000 to 4000 steps a day when I really want to walk at least twice that.  But, I want to see if letting it rest will help.

I’m not sure what will happen when I go in to weigh tomorrow.  On the scale I am down some, but it is not as clear as it usually is.  We replaced our old Withings scale with a new Withings scale. I liked the idea of the new scale because it uses Bluetooth.  The old one was WiFi and sometimes had difficulty connecting to the network.  However, once I got the new scale I was disappointed because it consistently weighed me (and my husband) as one pound heavier than the other scale.  I felt the other scale was right as it was usually very close to what I weigh in at Weight Watchers.  So, it was very discouraging all week to weigh on the new scale and have it be a pound heavier.  But, the old scale still weighs me as lighter.  Thankfully, Withings has agreed to replace the new scale.  But, with all this, I’m not really sure how I will do at weigh in.  I did great on food this week, but burned fewer calories than usual due to the knee problem.  I’ll report back after Friday’s weigh in.



  1. says

    Lunges really can be hard on the joints. I tend not to do those for my workouts.

    I am glad you like the chili – I loved that recipe!

  2. Kitty says

    I thought I was OK on the lunges since I did them stationary, but I was clearly wrong….

    The chili was great so thanks for posting the recipe!

  3. says

    Loved your comment on my blog today!

    I have issues with my knees too. The doctor and the physical therapist gave me permission to NOT walk as a form of exercise. I still walk every day, but not long distances. I switched to the exercise bike at the gym, and after I got over the boringness of it, I really enjoy it, especially when I can watch my cooking shows while I bike!

    Congrats on your weight loss this week!

    • Kitty says

      I actually like walking though. I do have a Concept2 rower and it doesn’t bother my knees (sort of like your bike), but I enjoy the walking and I love my treadmill desk. Ack! I’m whining now, so I’ll stop.


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