Friday Weigh In – The 170s!

I weighed in at my Weight Watchers meeting today and am – finally – in the 170s officially (i.e. not just in my bathroom in the morning).  I lost .6 pounds to end up at 179.8 pounds.  I was reasonably happy with this.  I’ve been on a bit of a plateau the past few weeks as my activity has been lower.  First, that was due to allergies.  Now, it is because my knee is bothering me.  I took off from activity starting last Sunday and plan to continue that until this Monday.  Then, I plan to start walking again.  We’ll see how it goes then.

I was happy with my eating this past week and had a really good week, even with an unanticipated meal out with visiting family on Tuesday.  This week will also have a special occasion meal as my mother is visiting and we will take her out for her 90th birthday on Sunday.  I think that I’ll be able to do reasonably well at where I think we will be going.  I ate out today at Chili’s after the meeting and felt OK about it.   When I’m not being active, I really have to watch what I eat more carefully.  So, having had a 22 point lunch, I just had a 2 point dinner.  With a few snacks I’ll definitely go into my weekly points today but will have plenty left for the rest of the week.

Having officially reached the 170s, my next mini-goal is to get below 175 pounds which would put me in the overweight category.  I am hoping to be there before my birthday in late April.


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