Friend Makin’ Mondays: Holiday Traditions

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Holiday Traditions.

1. Do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day? No, I don’t.  I barely knew it was here.  It is the day after my mother’s birthday, though, so that is how I think about it.

2. Which is your favorite holiday to celebrate?  Christmas, by fair.  I love the decorations and giving gifts to people.

3. Do you have a favorite ‘holiday’ food? I rarely eat potatoes, but on Thanksgiving and Christmas we cook roasted potatoes with lots of garlic cloves.  It is so good.

4. What do you think of holiday parades? Boring.  I’ve never enjoyed watching them either on TV or in person.

5. Have you ever been part of a parade? No, I don’t think that I have.  And, I have no desire to change that.

6. Do you decorate your house for the holidays? For Christmas.  We put up a tree and inside decorations (my daughter loves doing this).  We also have outside lights that someone delivers and sets up for us about Thanksgiving and then picks up after New Year’s and stores them all year.

7. Do you send holiday cards?  Not really.  I did years ago, but that seems to be going by the wayside here.

8. Are there any holidays that you celebrate that are traditional in another country, but maybe less well known in the US? No.  I’ve never lived anywhere else.




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