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This has been a fairly quiet week so far.  My mother has been visiting so my routine is not quite the same.  I’ve taken off from activity because of my knee.  However, I haven’t noticed this helping so I plan to go back to at least walking on the treadmill and outside and see what happens.  I’ve been doing OK, actually good, on food this week.  I’ve averaged about 1250 calories a day which is fine.  However, my calorie deficit for the week according to Fitbit is only about 3/4 of a pound since I’ve been so inactive.

On the scale in the morning, though, I’m down over a pound since last Friday.  I was disappointed by my weigh in last Friday and I think some of that weight loss that should have been there last week has shown up this week.

I usually eat really lightly for Wednesday and Thursday since I weigh in Friday.  But, today, I was a little stir crazy at home and wanted to go somewhere so we went to Panera for dinner.  I had a salad and a package of chips (yes, I know the chips weren’t stellar but this is about the only place I ever eat them).  I was at 1296 calories for Wednesday.  That is OK overall.  I still have a lot of weekly points left.  But, this close to weigh in day, it might cause my weight to jump up a bit by the time of weigh in.  And, that will annoy me.  On the other hand, I went out to eat knowing that could happen so I’m OK with it.

I’ve been trying out some recipes that I’ve collected.  I have some of them pinned here and am slowly marching through them. I made this 3 bean chili and it was totally amazing.  The first time I ate it as a chili in a bowl.  Then, today, I drained some of the liquid and ate some of it wrapped up in a tortilla and it was great also.  I’m not much of a cook, but am looking for easy things to make that I can either put in the refrigerator to eat on for a few days or that I can make a large batch of and freeze.  This and the turkey chili I made the other day both make the cut.  I might try combining the two recipes, actually.




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