Friday Weigh In

OK.  This doesn’t happen often.  When it does, I savor it.  I went to my WW meeting today and was down 2.2 pounds to 177.6 pounds.  Another .2 of a pound and I will get another 5 pound star for a loss of 30 pounds.  So close….  I recognize fully that this loss is really just reflecting the choices of the past few weeks and not just what I did this week.  I did eat well this week, but had little activity (giving my knee a rest) so my calorie deficit wasn’t that great.  Per Fitbit I would expect to lose more like .7 pounds.  So where did the extra pound and a half come from?  I think it is loss finally showing up from the past few weeks when I kept having a large calorie deficit, but didn’t show a loss on the scale commensurate with the deficit.  Basically over the last 3 weeks I’ve lost a total of 3 pounds which seems about right.  It is just that most of that showed up on the scale this week.

What I am happy about was that when I had weeks showing .2 and .6 pound losses, I didn’t give up.  It is easy in that situation (well, for me, it is) to just throw in the towel and say the plan isn’t working.  But, I stuck with it and kept eating the way I know I need to eat and hoped trusted that the loss would eventually show up.  I was really happy that it showed up today.  Now, I just need to hold it together this week so that I lose at least enough to get that 5 pound star.  I know, I know.  It may be silly to be motivated by such things.  But…it does motivate me.

I plan to get back into doing more activity this week.  I need to find out how my knee will do.   I plan to continue to try some new recipes.  Also, I want to post more days a week.  I have all these topics I want to write about.  I plan to do a post soon about whether to eat weekly points (or for those not on WW, whether to eat the same calories every day or is it OK to have some days be higher calorie).

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