Friday Weigh In

This was a great Friday weigh in!  You might not think that when I tell you that I was down .2 of a pound.  Of course, any downward movement is good but .2 of a pound is not all that overwhelming.  But, I am nonetheless ecstatic!  Why?  Well, look at this:

3-28 weigh in

Yes!  I am now down a total of 30 pounds officially!  I was so happy by this.  I admit it.  I am like a little kid about getting 5 pound stars at WW.  Maybe it is sort of silly, but I love to get my stars.  Back in the day they gave you a ribbon to wear and they gave you actual cloth stars to stick on it.  Now it is just a sticker that you put anywhere.  So, not as awesome, but I still love getting stars.  After last week’s 2.2 pound loss, I didn’t expect much of a loss this week.  I had a good week with food so didn’t expect a bad weigh in but I hadn’t shown more than about .4 pound loss on my daily weigh ins and then my weight jumped up .2 of a pound when I weighed at home this morning.  I went to the meeting hoping that the .2 pound loss would hold and I would get my star, but I was prepared for the possibility I might not get there.

Now that I’ve got my 30 pound star, my next milestone is not an official WW milestone.  It is, however, super important to me.  Once I get below 175 pounds, I will be out of the obese BMI category and into the overweight category.  I’ll be so glad to get back there.  (Yes, I try not to think about the fact that I was well below that before).  My birthday is in 4 weeks so I would really like to be there by my birthday, if only at my at home weigh ins.

On another note, I started getting back into walking this week although it still hurts on the back of my leg right above my knee.  It isn’t extremely painful, but it hasn’t gone away either.  I bought a new Wahoo Blue HR heart rate monitor.  This displays my heart rate on my iPhone and talks to Digifit which talks to Fitbit to give Fitbit what may be a more accurate calorie burn during workouts.  So far, I’ve only used the monitor once (I just got it yesterday) but I really liked it.

This makes I think 4 heart rate monitors.  I have a Garmin because my Concept2 Rower only works with it.  I have a Lifespan because my treadmill only works with it.  I have an ancient Polar that I don’t think works with any equipment that we now own.


  1. Terryl Johnson says

    Weigh to go Kitty! 😀 I don’t know what it is about those little 5 pound stickers, but they can really make your day, can’t they?! I love your kitty in the shower photo, by the way–such a cutie!

  2. says

    Hooray for the loss! As a very slow loser, I celebrate every single .2 loss. 175 is a big deal to me too (although I think 184 something is my “you are no longer obese just overweight” weight). I’ve been close to 175, but keep popping back up to closer to 180 again and again. Hopefully you’ll be celebrating that 175 soon.

    • Kitty says

      I hope so. It is funny. I got up this morning – day after weigh in and I ate out yesterday – and I was down .8 of a pound at home from Friday morning (I weigh every morning first thing). Go figure…. Of course, I always say that as long as everything stays in a downward direction, then all is pretty good.

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