Friday Weigh In

Friday Weigh In

This was a somewhat surprisingly good weigh in.  I was down 1.4 pounds to 176 pounds.  I am now more than halfway to goal of 146 pounds, which is super exciting to me! While I know some are disappointed with any loss of less than 2 pounds, I am ecstatic whenever I have a loss above a pound.  And, that doesn’t happen all that often.

Why the large loss this week?  Part of it was that last week was only a .2 loss and that often means part of a loss didn’t show up on time for weigh in.  The other thing is that Wednesday and Thursday were really low calorie days.  I ended up unexpectedly spending 6 hours in the ER on Wednesday evening.  I hadn’t eaten anything after lunch on that day and didn’t get home until about midnight so I was really low on calories for the day.  Then, Thursday I was tired from the long day Wednesday and just wasn’t very hungry.  So, those two days kept my overall calorie intake for the week lower than usual.

My next milestone will be to get below 175 pounds when I will no longer be in the obese category by BMI.  I was at 175.4 pounds on the home scale this morning.

We didn’t go out for our usual after meeting lunch today.  This was because this is a special day in our family.  Fourteen years ago today I was in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam, with my husband and our then 5 year old son, completing our adoption of our daughter (then 3 years old) and our older son (then 8 years old).  So, ever since, we’ve called April 4 our family day since that it is the day we all became a family.  We always go out to eat to celebrate.  Today, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant.  I had Bun Ga which is a sort of chicken and vermicelli salad, along with a spring roll.  It was super good and not a lot of calories.

Then after we got home, Charles and I went for an about an hour long walk.  It was in our neighborhood with a lot of hills.  I wore my heart rate monitor that I recently got.  I liked the report I got on Digifit which showed that my heart rate basically stayed where I mostly wanted it (this was the second part of the walk; the first part was recorded as a separate workout):


Digifit then talked to Fitbit to tell Fitbit how many calories I burned.  I use the Fitbit to record the number of steps, but supposedly the heart rate monitor does a better job of estimating the calorie burn.  I am really like the interaction of the Bluetooth monitor which talks to Digifit on my iPhone which then syncs with Digifit’s website which then syncs with Fitbit.


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