Friday Weigh In

This was a somewhat annoying weigh in.  I was down .4 pounds to 175.6 pounds.

WW 4-11

It was annoying because I had a great week and by the numbers should have been closer to a 1 pound loss.  In fact, had I weighed in yesterday it would have been there or very close to it.  Overnight, though, I was up about half a pound.  And, there was no clear reason for it.

I averaged eating 30.6 Points Plus a day which is half a point less than last week (when I lost 1.4 pounds).  However, I walked outside 5 days out of the 7 (but not yesterday) and so my step count was up.  My daily calorie deficit this week was a 100 calories a day more than last week.

My leader happened to comment today that eating popcorn the night before weigh in can cause water retention due to sodium.  I did have popcorn last night, but it only had about 250 mg of sodium so I wouldn’t think it was that.  But, maybe.

It was still annoying.

The Weight Watchers meeting was interesting today.  First, they handed out a sample of the 2 point Honey Mustard Pretzel Thins.  I had real mixed feelings about this.  I did eat them.  I often don’t eat the samples they handed out, but I was interested in trying this one.  It sort of bothers me to have Weight Watchers handing out food samples to people.  If you haven’t planned to have a snack, then getting that sample may cause you to eat a couple of points you weren’t planning to have.  Yes, of course, you can just take the sample home.  Still, I wish they just made the samples available to take if you want one rather than just handing them out.  They are OK with you declining, but I would rather they either ask if you want one or that they have a basket with samples and you can take one if you want.

Then, there is the snack itself.  I actually kind of liked the pretzel thins.  But, the first ingredient was enriched wheat flour which means that they aren’t whole grain.  The other ingredients didn’t look awful to me, but I really try to avoid snacks that use wheat that isn’t whole grain.  And, it sort of annoys me that Weight Watchers sells snacks that contain wheat that isn’t whole grain.  So, I’m not ever going to buy these.  That said, I realize that these snacks are probably healthier than what a lot of people were eating before and that these kinds of things may be an eating upgrade for many.  So, I can see someone using them as a transition step in improving diet.

The actual meeting was on a great topic.  We talked about how to assess a food in terms of whether it is worth it to eat or not.  The point I raised was nutritional quality. That is, does the food have anything of nutritional benefit or not?  If it doesn’t, I’m much less likely to eat it.  Or, if I do eat it, then it is more of a very occasional thing.

After we got home from lunch at Chili’s, we went for a long walk.  We walked the same path we did yesterday but I burned about 100 more calories according to my heart rate monitor.  This was because my heart rate was much higher.  We actually walked a little slower today so it wasn’t because of faster walking.  However, humidity was at 98% and it was 83 degrees.  I think it was the heat combined with the humidity which made my heart beat faster.  I think we are about tapped out on being able to walk outside this year and I’ll have to switch to the treadmill.  The 83 degrees isn’t that bad, but the high humidity really makes the heat index go up.

This should be a good week.  I think I will get to 174.5 on my home scale which will unofficially put me in the sub-30 BMI range.  I am going to see the orthopedic surgeon on Thursday to find out what is going on with my hamstring (at least, I think it is my hamstring) and to get clarification on what exercises I can do with my not so great knee.


  1. says

    I find the day after I have popcorn, I am always up in weight, sodium or no sodium. I don’t know if it’s because it’s got a lot of fiber, so I bloat? Same story with chia seeds.

    You’re doing great Kitty, keep it up!

    • Kitty says

      Ah, that is interesting. Another thing not to eat on Thursday. The leader today interestingly said that asparagus is a natural diuretic and is good to eat the day before weigh in so you don’t retain water. I may try grilling some asparagus next week!

  2. says

    Great job!! I think it’s important to remember that our behaviors matter a heckuva lot more than what the scale ends up saying (because so many factors affect our weight, like water weight, TOM, etc). So the fact that you were expecting a better number means you did a fantastic job throughout the week, and you should be proud of what you’ve done! Look at you go!!!

    • Kitty says

      Thanks. And, yes, you are right. This isn’t going to send me off the deep end or anything. Just wish the scale always matched what happened during the week…..

  3. says

    It took me a while (about 30 years) to understand that I couldn’t control the scale; I can only control me. Before then, that scale drove me crazy!

    But I do understand your irritation. For weigh-ins like this, I had a certain hand (or finger) gesture I made at the scale. 🙂 My weigh-ins were in private, so it’s not like I was being vulgar in public. LOL

  4. says

    I agree with everything you said about the pretzels and the meeting. We have a great leader who is fun and inspiring and She really personifies whole, healthy eating and exercising. She is probably in her mid sixties to early 70s and she is BUFF! I aspire to be like her.

    It sounds like you are doing really well and being too hard on yourself. I enjoy your blog so much.

    • Kitty says

      Oh, thank you so much for saying that. And it sounds like I should aspire to be like your leader as well. That’s how I want to age.

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