Unofficially Overweight!

At long last, unofficially, on my scale at home, in the morning, I weighed in really enough under 175 pounds to be below 30 BMI.  173.8 pounds to be accurate.  And, that makes me overweight according to BMI!  And, yes, I am happy because that takes me out of the obese category. I am now at 29.8 BMI!

I say really because I’ve weighed in under 175 pounds several times, but BMI calculators usually round up to 30 BMI until you get to 174.5 pounds.  And, I’ve stayed above that amount a little until this morning.  This morning all the weight loss that didn’t show up at weigh on Friday showed up and I was down all the way to 173.8 pounds.

In Fitbit, my temporary goal was to get under 175 and as soon as I hit it, Fitbit put me into maintenance.  That was nice (Fitbit said I could now eat just over 1600 calories a day!), but I quickly set a new interim Fitbit goal.  My new Fitbit goals is 161.  If I could get to that unofficially I would probably weigh in at 162 officially at Weight Watchers (those weigh ins tend to be about a pound heavier since I actually wear clothes to Weight Watchers unlike weighing in at my house).  And, that would put me where I was in January, 2012 before I started regaining.  Getting back there is my next interim goal.

Oh, and, yes, I know that by measures other than BMI, I am still obese.  For example, I’ve seen abdominal obesity in women measured as a waist size of 35 inches or higher.  I’m at 38 inches.  Yes, that is terrible.  On the other hand, in November I was at 41 1/8 inches.  So.  Progress.

And, this suggests that body fat above 32% is obese for women.  My Withings scale varies on fat percentages each morning between about 43.2% and 44.2% (yes, it is annoying that it seems to meander between those percentages seemingly randomly).  Yeah, that is really high.  But, back in November it measured at 47.5%.  So.  Progress still.

I get it.  I know that my body composition is such that even though my BMI is now 29.8, that I really still am obese by other measures.  And, I know it will be awhile before my waist is below 35” and my fat percentage is less than 32%.

From when I was tracking measurements, about 7 years ago my waist was below 35 inches and I weighed 160.  I didn’t have a way to track fat percentages back then, so I have no clue about that.

And, my weight may jump up above 174.5 pounds again since it hasn’t really solidly settled below that level.  Still, I’ll take it today’s unofficial weigh in and call it a win!



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