Friday Weigh In – Officially Overweight!

Today was a good weigh in.  I lost 1.2 pounds to get to 174.4 pounds.

WW 4-18


This brings my total loss to 33 pounds with just over 28 pounds to get to a normal BMI.  This, however, gives me an official Weight Watchers weigh in within the overweight BMI range.  Yes, as I posted before, I know that just because I’m not obese according to BMI, I can still be obese by other measures such as waist size or body composition.  Still, it has been important to be to get into BMI overweight category and my goal was to do it by my birthday which is next Friday.  I’m happy to make that goal early and was very happy to lose over a pound this week.

It was my best week in a long time.  I did really well on food, averaging 30.3 WW Points Plus a day.  Fitbit says my average daily calorie deficit was about 679 calories.  I went on long walks 5 days this week and averaged 6958 steps a day which was a big improvement.  I had been a little disappointed last week by a .4 loss when I had also done well last week.  This week is an example of how the scale eventually catches up if you just keep doing what you need to do for weight loss.  By sticking with what I know works (watching my eating and walking a lot), then the loss will show up even if the scale doesn’t always totally cooperate on every Friday.

My husband got his star this week for losing 70 pounds and is only .8 away from goal.  He had a good loss this week.  He had been plateauing a bit the last little bit, so he actually started tracking his calories on My Fitness Pal (he usually tracked WW Points Plus in his head) and doing that seems to have really helped him.  He wants to get to goal by my birthday which is next Friday.   Whether he makes it then or not, he should get there really soon.  So, he will certainly be motivated to eat carefully this week.

We ate lunch at Red Lobster today.  Normally, we wouldn’t do that on a Friday after WW, but we were going to rent our son an apartment for the fall (he is a college student commuting from home right now but for his last 2 years he wants to live closer to the school).  He wanted seafood, so we went to Red Lobster.  I seriously thought about the 4 course feast which has a dessert.  It isn’t bad, except for the dessert, but with my birthday coming up in a week, I decided to not spend so much on a meal.  I ended up having 2 biscuits, side caesar, grilled salmon, and snow crab legs (with lemon juice not butter), and broccoli.  It was 850 calories, 20 Points Plus so I felt fine about it. This week I will eat carefully since I have my birthday coming up on Friday and I want to be in good shape for that.

How was your week?



  1. says

    Been following your blog for some time now and find it inspiring. I really enjoy your WW charts that you input into your posts. Do you feel that attending the meetings AND doing the on-line are helpful?

    • Kitty says

      I do think so. I like the online because I like to be able to look stuff up and track online. Some people do fine doing online only. And, if it works to do it that way, then that is great. For me, I get 3 big benefits from also doing the meetings. First, it is a time of the week where I’m in a room with other people and we are all focused on the same thing. It helps me to see my weight loss as a priority in my life. It is a reminder and is me taking my time to do something to help my life.

      Second, weighing in each week officially keeps me accountable. I hate weighing in and not having a loss. I’ve had times in the past where I did have a gain so it will sometimes happen. But, I really like to have at least a small loss. So, knowing that I will be weighing helps me to stay on the straight and narrow.

      Third, having the weekly meeting and weigh in to go to structures my week and gives me a very short term goal. That is, I don’t worry that much about when I’ll get to my goal weight (well, I do think about it sometimes of course) or what I’ll do next week. I just focus on staying with my daily + weekly points for this week. I focus on doing well until the next meeting. Theoretically, I could do that with online only. Some people can do it with online only. But, with me, I found that it was just to easy to blow it off when I was online only. It was always, well, I’ll do better next week.

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