Knee Update

I finally was able to see the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday about my knee/hamstring.  I’ve posted before about my knee hurting and an area near where the hamstring attaches at the knee also hurting.  Then, I posted about being sent to the ER to see if I had a blood clot (I didn’t).  At the end of the ER visit, I was told that maybe I had a hamstring injury.

At the doctor’s appointment, they first did X-Rays of the knee.  I was surprised to see on the X-Rays a huge screw in my tibia.  It shouldn’t have been a surprise as I had had a tibial transfer about 17 years ago which resulted in the screw.  I had actually forgotten that the screw was still there.  One possibility is that although my pain is on the back of the thigh near my knee the pain could have some relationship to the screw.  I don’t think this is very likely, but I gather it is possible.  I could also have a hamstring strain or various other things.

I also had pain under my knee cap after I did lunges in February.  I had tried doing some step ups on a low kitchen stool and I also got pain after that.  I then took several weeks off of any lower body work.  Monday, I did some steps up on the stool and didn’t have pain.

The result of the appointment is that I’ve been sent off to have an MRI to better determine what is going on, particularly since I’ve had the pain behind the knee for about 2 months now without it getting better.

One thing I did want from this appointment was to find out what exercises I could and could not do.  For the moment, I’ve been told it is OK to continue walking even in my hilly neighborhood so long as I don’t have severe pain.  However, I was told not to run (I already knew this) and not to do lunges or deep squats.  Since the step ups on the kitchen stool didn’t bother me this last time I plan to keep doing those and maybe do some leg raises and some other things that don’t involve much stress on the knee.

After I’ve had the MRI, I will go back to the doctor and hope that I will get more information.


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    I do free lance work for a local orthopedic surgeon and I will say that the sequence your doctor has laid out for you is standard for such injuries/pain. It is a lot of back and forth and waiting for results but worth it in the end. The MRI is an excellent idea and should be able to give the doctor more insight into what is going on. Good luck and keep us informed!

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