Friend Makin’ Mondays: Life Skills


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Life Skills

1. Do you know how to drive a stick shift?

I do not.

2. Do you know how to jump start a car?

I used to know, but I would want to look it up before I did it.

3. Do you know how to perform CPR?

Not really.  I’ve read articles about it, but have never taken a course.

4. Do you know how to hang a picture?

Yes, as long as it isn’t one that is really heavy.

5. Do you know how to ski?

No.  I went with friends once to Colorado and spent the week taking lessons and learning.  I did not enjoy it.  I am very risk averse and that was just too risky for me.

6. Can you draw a basic map of the world?

Yes, although it wouldn’t be very artistic I would get most of it reasonably OK.

7. Can you do a decent dive into a swimming pool?

I probably could if I had to.  I really have always been afraid of diving and don’t like doing it.  But, when I took lifesaving in college I was required to learn how to dive in to try to rescue someone.  I haven’t dived into a pool in quite a while (even when we owned a pool I never did) but I think I could still do it.

8. Can you open a champagne bottle?

I don’t really drink so I don’t get called upon to do this.  But, I have done it many years ago.

9. Do you know what to do if you spill red wine on the carpet?

No clue.  Google is my friend though.

10. Do you know the proper way to fold a fitted sheet?

Hmm….I just watched a video on this.  I sort of had the idea, but mine wouldn’t have looked like the one in the video.  Doesn’t matter though since I usually wouldn’t bother to do it the proper way.


  1. says

    I’m sure I could fold a fitted sheet if I had to – it would probably take the large surface area to spread it out first & WAY more time than I prefer to dedicate to one item. So as long as it’s the same general size as the flat sheet, I’m golden.

    Stopping in from FMM – hi!

  2. DAR says

    Surprised about the stick shift. Given your past with sports cars, would have thought you could do it.

    I used to think I could draw a pretty decent map of the world, but then came that year where I kept encountering countries that I thought were made up. There are a lot of BS countries out there, Kitty. What’s that fallacy? Dunning Kruger Effect? My map would turn out to be far more rudimentary than I expect.

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