Friday Weigh In

In many ways it was a very good week.  As you can see, I stayed well within my Weight Watchers Points Plus this week.  I had 17 Weekly Points left at the end of my Weight Watchers week.  Plus, I had 15 Activity Points left (all of those I had earned during the week).  Yes, last Friday was a high point day since it was my birthday.  But, I was careful the rest of the week:

WW week

And, I had a good week for activity, walking on 5 days of the week, averaging almost 7000 steps a day.  So, my calorie deficit (calories eaten less calories burned) was good:

Fitbit week

In fact, Fitbit says I had a calorie deficit for the week of 3902 calories, which would be about 1.1 pounds.  Now, from experience I know that I never lose quite as much as Fitbit would predict.  I think my actual Basal Metabolic Rate is a little less than is predicted by the formula Fitbit uses so I would not have been surprised to go to Weight Watchers and lose .7 or .8 pounds.

But, even before I got to Weight Watchers I knew that wasn’t happening.  When I weighed at home this morning before leaving I saw that I should expect to maybe maintain, but probably gain.  And, I was right.  At my weigh in, I was up .2 pounds to 173.6 pounds.  This was frustrating to me because I did have a good week.  I did eat slightly more this week than the week before.  But, I was well within the range I want to eat at and I burned a little more calories.  My calorie deficit was down 185 calories for the week, but that in no way justifies a gain showing up.  I was very careful about tracking and weighed and measured food and looked up everything that I ate at restaurants.  So, I don’t really think this is a “real” gain, but it was still irritating.  It is particularly irritating since I was so careful after my birthday dinner last Friday.

After the meeting we went to Noodles & Company for lunch.  I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile, since one recently opened close to where I attend Weight Watchers.  I had the Indonesian Peanut Saute (small) with chicken, and then Charles and I shared the small potstickers and small rustic hummus.  The hummus had a few dipping chips with it but plenty of veggies to dip in the hummus (I loved using the red bell peppers to dip and will have to try that at home).  The small size of pasta was just perfect.  We will definitely go back.

Tomorrow will be a higher point day.  It is our son’s 20th birthday and we are going to Chili’s for lunch and then having a Nestle’s Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake for dessert.  This is the one of the few times that I will eat cookies.  Chili’s is fairly easy to eat at, but can also be higher calorie as well.  I plan to be careful what I eat there since we’ll be having the cookie cake after we get home.  Then, after that, the rest of the week shouldn’t be that difficult.  If all goes well, then next Friday the weight loss that I expected this week should show up.  I’m 1.2 pounds away from my 35 pound star so I hope to get that next Friday.

This week I’ll also be going back to the doctor to get the results of my knee MRI and find out what is going on there.



  1. says

    I’m a complete Fitbit freak, yet I don’t really recognize your “calories in vs calories out” graph! I see something similar on mine, but not quite the same. I agree though, I think my Fitbit runs a little high. I will actually track a specific workout (using the timer) and compare that to a HRM. Sometimes they are the same, for other workouts they can be quite different. I TRY to have a daily 500 calorie deficit … and then leave an extra 500 exercise calories uneaten to allow for some wiggle room. I haven’t been doing very well with that though, I’ve been eating a bit (I do track with MFP). Sometimes when the numbers are there (a weekly deficit), they still don’t show up on the scale. It can be so frustrating!

    • Kitty says

      It sure can be frustrating! I woke up this morning weighing half a pound less than Friday morning so go figure.

      My graph is probably a little different because I can still use the “old” Fitbit graphs and stuff since I have an older Fitbit account. I use the new display a lot but this particular graph is one where I have to use the old one.

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