Birthday Celebrating

Today we celebrated our son’s birthday.  First we went out to Chili’s for lunch and then we went home for cookie cake.

5-3 at Chili's

5-3 Birthday

While I wanted to enjoy the celebration, I didn’t want to look back on today as a “blown” day for eating and then be sorry about it.  After showing a .2 pound gain at Weight Watchers yesterday, I was pleased to wake up this morning to a half pound overnight loss, so I really didn’t want to overeat today.

My son wanted to go to Chili’s for his birthday.  I looked at nutrition information before I left and thought I might have the combo with Margarita Chicken and Grilled Shrimp.  When I got there, though, I decided I was in a fajitas mood.  I had been shocked to look at the nutrition info for mix and match combo and to find that the fajita “base” was 300 calories.  This is the pile of peppers and onions and oil that the fajita meat lays on.  I had no idea that the base was more calories than the chicken (110 calories) and shrimp (80 calories) combined!  I didn’t have any guacamole or sour cream.  I wasn’t being virtuous since I don’t like them.  I had some of the pico de gallo and a tiny amount of cheese.  I had 2 of the 3 tortillas served and ate the rest of the chicken and shrimp by itself.  I only ate about 1/3 of the base.  But, being a little cautious with counting restaurant food, I counted that I ate half the base.  I elected not to get any rice or beans and I was totally satisfied with the meal.  My Fitness Pal says it was 512 calories and Weight Watchers says it was 13 Points Plus.

When we got home we had chocolate chip cookie cake from Nestle’s Toll House for birthday cake:

Cookie Cake

I had looked this up and was shocked to see that one slice (112 g) was 645 calories!  Yes, that is no joke.  645 calories for one slice.  I noticed that a regular cookie was shown on the nutrition info as being 56 grams so one slice of cookie cake is like eating 2 of the large Nestle Toll House cookies!  Now, I love chocolate chip cookies.  In fact, I love them so much I don’t ever buy them for the house.  But no way did I want to spend more calories on cookie cake than I had the lunch.  The main problem with the nutrition info was that it didn’t say how large a slice was except to give weight.  So, I had Charles cut what he felt was a typical size slice and I weighed it.  It was a the size that I would have normally eaten without thinking much about it.  It was 110 grams!  So I told him to slice me a piece half that size.  The piece I ultimately ate was really very narrow but when all was done, it weighed out to 297 calories (8 Points Plus).  It was very enjoyable to eat but was a lot of calories.

I am really happy that I looked up the fajitas and realized how many calories the vegetable “base” added to the fajitas and that I looked up the cookie cake to realize that a typical size piece was about twice as many calories as I would have thought.  Some people might feel that doing this took away from the celebration part of the birthday, but it really didn’t.  I feel so much better to have enjoyed the lunch and the cookie cake without having to be upset that I overate.  I enjoyed the celebration just as much as I would have if I had eaten without thinking about these things.  And, I will sure enjoy looking back on it much more knowing that I didn’t overeat.



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    “Some people might feel that doing this took away from the celebration part of the birthday, but it really didn’t.”

    It’s been my experience that doing what you did actually ADDS to the celebration because you feel more free to enjoy yourself instead of beating up on yourself on food choices. Congrats on a job well done!

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