Friday Weigh In

I was happy with today’s weigh in, as I lost 1.2 pounds to get my star for losing 35 pounds!

5-9 WI

This gets my weight down to 172.4 pounds, leaving me 26.4 pounds to go to get to my goal weight of 146 pounds. I was glad to have a good weight loss result this week since it may be last really good result this month. As I posted yesterday, I got my MRI results yesterday and I’m supposed to use a walker and not walk on my left leg at all for 4 weeks. This is due to a trabecular bone injury which is apparently a microfracture where I’ve been having all the pain behind my knee. I am allowed to use my rower if it doesn’t bother my knee, but otherwise I’m going to be very sedentary. I did go to my WW meeting today and as I post this I am on pace to burn just under 1500 calories today. I probably won’t use the rower today since I used it yesterday and walked a lot this week. My knee (which the MRI tells me is basically bone on bone) likes it better if I take off a day occasionally. Yesterday when I rowed I got about an extra 100 calories so going forward it looks like calories burned of about 1600 a day will be good for the next 4 weeks.

However, Fitbit tends to overestimate my calories burned a little bit so that 1600 a day is probably closer to 1500 a day. Last month, I averaged eating 1137 calories a day which I thought was too little (mostly because of not enough fruits and veggies). I planned to aim for more like 1200 this month with the added calories being more fruit and veggies. So, my realistic calorie deficit for the next four weeks is probably around 350 calories a day, which is .7 pounds a week. It is better than gaining, of course, but not what I was wanting.

And, on top of everything else, I need to revamp my goals since so many of my goals are based upon a calorie deficit I can’t meet for the next month and other goals are based upon step goals that I’ll never be able to meet (since my doctor doesn’t really recommend that I continue fitness walking in the future given my lack of cartilage in my knee).

So, I’m happy with the weigh in and happy to get back to 35 pounds lost (where I was 2 years ago). But, I’m unhappy with my overall situation given the MRI results.


    • Kitty says

      That is true. I was getting in such a groove on my walking, that it is very difficult to move to not doing much. Of course, I know it is best to rest the leg for the next few weeks. But, hard as you say….

  1. says

    Great weigh-in. Good for you. Had my first weigh-in and gained 3 lbs. So disappointing and so very typical for me. You are doing great.

    • Kitty says

      Once you get your Fitbit if you sync your calories eaten with your Fitbit you can see what kind of deficit you have each day which is really helpful. It isn’t totally accurate. Fitbit thinks I burn about 100 calories a day more than I do (probably because the BMR calculator that it uses isn’t that precise) but I mentally adjust for that and it helps.

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