On to Plan B

This has been a difficult week.  Last Thursday I found out that needed to use a walker for 4 weeks due to a trabecular bone injury.  So, my activity level was going to go way down since I’m not supposed to use my left leg except for balance.  On top of that, I was told that once the 4 weeks was over, I shouldn’t walk for fitness any more.  I was not happy about this.  This changes a lot of plans for ongoing fitness and activity for the long term.  I’m sure I’ll talk more about that later.  The main thing for me right now is how to get through this 4 weeks without totally derailing my weight loss.  The only bright spot was that the orthopedic surgeon told me I could still use my Concept2 Rower so long as it didn’t bother my knees.


My April goals had included things like having a 700 a day calorie deficit on my Fitbit and walking an average of 6500 steps a day.  I hadn’t met the 700 a day calorie deficit in May as I was about 100 calories a day below that.  I was planning to walk 7000 steps a day on average during May.  Well, all that is out the window.  My basal metabolic rate is under 1400 calories.  Various places estimate it at 1320 to 1330 calories a day.  Of course, that is the rate if I am totally sedentary and do nothing.  The problem is that since I have to walk using the walker I am almost totally sedentary!  I’m averaging just over 400 steps a day.

The walker is difficult to use.  Walkers are pretty easy to use if you can bear weight on both legs.  They are really difficult to use if you can’t bear weight on one leg and have to hop on the other leg.  When you hop you put your weight on the handles and it quickly becomes very painful.  My hands were getting bruised from the attempt. As you can see in the pic above, I bought padded hand-grip covers, Crutcheze Deep Purple Walker Padded Hand Grip Covers (Pr) Moisture Wicking, Antibacterial, Comfort, Fashion, Washable Orthopedic Products Accessories, (affiliate link) to put over the handles of the walker.  These helped so much.  I can still feel it when I press down on the handles but it is much more tolerable.  Also, my doctor said that I can use my left leg for balance so I keep my left toe lightly on the ground which makes it easier to keep balanced when I’m moving my right leg which is where all the weight is going.  Still, the walker is very slow to use and very tiring so I tend to not move around the house much.  Particularly, since I can’t carry anything in my hands.

On the 2 days this week that I didn’t use the rower I averaged about 1435 calories per Fitbit (and Fitbit tends to overestimate my calorie burn a bit).  Overall, for the week I’ve been averaging about 1500 calories a day because I average about 1540 calories a day on the days I’ve used the rower.  I basically get on the rower and watch TV while rowing.  I like the rower, but my seat gets sore after about 20 minutes so I tend to do it for 20 minutes then rest awhile then go back and do it some more.  I’ve been doing it for about 45 minutes total in a day.

I’m glad that I’ve been doing the rowing, but I really have to adjust down my expectations for a calorie deficit given that.  If I’m burning 1500 calories on average a day, it is really hard for me to have an average calorie deficit of more than 400 calories and even that requires eating about 1100 calories a day.  I’ve been super careful this week to try to stay low but still get enough nutrition.

Sunday was a higher calorie day.  I don’t like going out on Mother’s Day since it is so crowded in the restaurants.  I suggested that we bring in barbeque and have that while watching a couple of movies.  I was careful with what I ate.  Well, not so much with what I ate, but with watching portion sizes.  I hadn’t had barbeque since last May so it was a real treat.  I wanted to have the Onion Tanglers (sort of like onion rings) but they area super high calorie so I didn’t get them.  I ate 1290 calories for the day which I was really happy with.  Right now I’m at an average of 1099 calories a day for the week.  I’ve cut down on some of my snacks and I have tried to focus on eating salads and berries and good protein (mostly chicken).  One advantage of having to use the walker is that I really don’t want to deal with going out to eat so that helps on the calorie front.

Even so, a 400 calorie deficit is a deficit of 2800 calories for a week.  Fitbit usually overestimates the calorie deficit by about 100 calories a day so that is probably closer to 2100 calories a week which would be a loss of .6 pounds a week.  That certainly isn’t what I shooting for this month, but given the circumstances I know I need to be happy with that and not let this derail me.

Actually, right now, my scale shows a loss of 1.7 pounds from where I was last Friday morning before weigh in.  I actually weighed in at 169.9 today.  Of course, that would be more at Weight Watchers since I actually have to wear clothes when I weigh in there.  I recognize that most of this loss though is really loss showing up from last week.  Only a little bit of that is for this week.  I don’t think the loss will still be at 1.7 pounds when I weigh in Friday.  I tend to show my lowest weights mid-week and then it tends to rise slightly on Fridays (not sure why that is since I’m careful on Wednesday and Thursday but that is how it seems).  Still, I am hopeful that if I continue on as I’m doing I’ll still have an OK weigh in Friday.

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  1. Elaine says

    Greetings-just found your blog via Sassy Pear, and I was sorry to read about your foot injury, and having to use a walker. What about one of those knee walkers? Fairly new , I think; it’s like a scooter with a platform to rest the knee of your non-weight bearing foot on. Sounds like it would be just the thing for you. I’m not sure what the official name of this device is, but if I can find out, I’ll come back and let you know.

    • Kitty says

      I actually considered that. But that would be putting weight on part of my leg which I’m not allowed to do. They look great though.

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