Friday Weigh In – The 160s!

After taking off from weighing last week while I was sick, I weighed in today at 168.2 pound, down 3 pounds!  I was happy with the weigh in, which covered two weeks, but cautious about it as well.  I was sick with a sore throat and haven’t been eating as much as usual.  I didn’t weigh in last week, because I felt that I was missing fluids which was one reason my weight was down.  I didn’t want to have a 2.5 pound loss last week, then gain this week when I had more fluids.  As it turned out, I was sick most of this week so still didn’t eat a lot and lost another half pound this week.  That is all good, but I’m not really confident that it is a true 3 pound loss.  I think part of this is because I’ve eaten less carbs over the past couple of weeks, since I’ve eaten less of everything.  I’ve been at under 100 carbs most days.  Restricting carbs usually causes my body to release water, but when I go back to eating more carbs (and more calories) I expect to start retaining more water.  In any event, I hope to keep all of the loss or maybe just regain a little.  I hope I’ll stay in the 160s as it has been a bit over 2 years since I’ve been in that range.

On another note, today’s meeting was good.   The topic was anchors, which are things – can be an object or a saying or a memory or whatever – that will connect you to some past time which you can then channel to help you succeed in the present.  The leader asked members for any sayings that they used for this purpose and one of the members came up with an awesome saying which she had gotten from her grandfather:

WW meeting

She said she had this saying posted in her home, “I already know too many reasons why it can’t be done…So let’s talk about how we’re going to do it.”  Just a great message and a wonderful anchor!

Anyway – about this week.  I was still sick most of the week so had no activity at all.  I did finally get to go to physical therapy for my knee on Thursday and I was glad to get started on that.  I’m still using the walker, only be allowed to put down a toe for balance.  I am so tired of this and really wanting to be able to walk again.  I’m supposed to go to PT again early next week and then see my doctor on Thursday, my 4 weeks being up.  I have tons of questions to ask him about my future activity and hope he will clear me to at least get rid of the walker (or at least to be able to put more weight on the leg).

The one good thing was that I was super careful what I ate.  Since I was sick I didn’t go out to eat which did help (although my husband did bring in Panera one day which was great).  I am happy that I haven’t let the physical setback get me off track from an eating standpoint.

And, of course, one again, I’m so happy to finally be back in the 160s again!!!!!!


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