6 Month Blogoversary

This is my 6 months blogoversary since I posted my very first post to this blog.  This is a good time to reflect on the blog and my weight loss progress.

Overall, I am happy with the blog.  This will be my 92nd post to this blog which is about 15 posts a month.  I would sort of like to post more.  Part of the reason I didn’t was because of the saga with my leg injury and my bad knee.  When I was just sitting around not moving much, it was hard to post as often.

When I first started 6 months ago, I had this fear that no one would ever read this or ever comment.  I was so happy when I started receiving comments.  To this day, I absolutely love it when I get a comment (well, non spam ones that is).  It is like receiving a present.  I am just always so thankful for my readers and that anyone takes the time to actually post a comment.  It is all appreciated so much.  Now that I am able to be more active and exercise more, I plan to post more often.

WW 6 months


6 months ago when I started posting here, I had just weighed in at 186.8 pound.  That was just over 20 pounds down from my high recorded weight of 207.4 pounds (from about 6 years earlier).  Above is a graph of my Weight Watchers weigh ins from that December 27 weigh in to my weigh in last Friday at 165.8 pounds.  The overall weight loss of 21 pounds makes me very happy.  Yes, it isn’t as high as the weight loss I secretly wanted when I started this blog.  I always say that any loss is good.  But, being human, I had this sort of quiet desire to lose 1 1/2 pound a week.  I knew that 2 pounds was out of the question.  The math didn’t work.  But a pound and a half was something I thought I could just maybe work up to.  And, maybe I could have if I hadn’t had the trabecular bone injury (which, by the way, still hurts despite having used a walker for 6 weeks).  You can see from the graph how my weight loss slows during February and that represents the time when I started having trouble with my knee and leg.  The bottom line is that my weight loss has averaged closer to .8 pounds a week than 1.5 pounds.

Still, there is so much that I am happy about in that chart.  First, I missed very few meetings.  Mostly due to illness or schedule issues.  The other thing is that, while my weight loss might not have been fast, it was consistent.  I only went up in weight twice.  I hated that both times it happened, but it was really minor overall.

The most important thing that I see is that I never went off  program.  I recorded what I ate every single day (I actually go back to well into last year on that front).  And, every week, I stayed within my points at Weight Watchers.  I think there was one week where I ate all of my weekly points and a couple of activity points, but that was OK.  There was not a single week where I really went overboard on eating.  There were a few days that I ended up at the end of the day wishing I had eaten a little less.  But, in all cases, I managed to keep it together for the rest of the week and stay on program.

I haven’t done everything I wanted to do, largely due to the knee/leg thing.  I’m well behind where I wanted to be on exercise.  But, I can’t really do anything about that.  And, sometimes, life is just like that.  Things don’t go the way we want them to.  It would have been so easy when I was using the walker to simply go off the eating program when I couldn’t exercise.  I will blow my own horn just a little by saying that I am proud of myself for sticking with the eating program and still losing weight even when my Fitbit said I was only burning 1400 calories a day.

So,  the 6 months has had its challenges, but has been successful.  And, I feel that writing this blog has really helped me to stay on track.   Once again, thank you to all my readers!



Friday Weigh-In


I weighed in today at my Weight Watchers meeting at 165.8, for a loss of 1 pound.  That, however, did cover 2 weeks since I didn’t weigh in last Friday.

WW 6-27-2013

I was happy to have a pound loss, of course, but I want to average closer to .8 a week in order to get to my goal weight of 146 pounds by the end of the year.  I’m still on course to do that, but as I lose weight I know it will get more difficult.

The first weigh in I did right before starting this blog was on December 27, which is exactly 6 months ago.

WW 12-2013

At that time I weighed 186.8 pounds so in the last 6 months I’ve lost a total of 21 pounds which works out to about .8 pounds a week.  I’m happy overall with the progress made.

I am getting a little nervous about the next 4 pounds.  Way back  in October, 2011, I weighed in at 165.8 pounds, the exact same as today.  The week after that I had a good loss down to 164.6 pounds.  That was the last October weigh in.  I then signed up for a challenge at 3fc where my goal was to get below 160 by the end of the year.  Basically, all I had to do was lose 4.7 pounds in 2 months.  I was highly motivated to do it and I remember that I ate very well.  And, I hit a huge plateau.  In seven weeks, I lost a total of .4 pounds.  It was one of the worst plateaus I’ve ever had.  Finally, I started losing a little bit the last 2 weeks of the year and on my last weigh in of the 2011 I weighed in at 162.8 pounds.  The following week was the first weigh in of 2012 and I weighed in at 162 pounds.

As I get closer to 162 pounds again, I am nervous about having another plateau.  At the time, I was exercising, but I think I was sick for part of the plateau.  Also, we were just about to start looking for a new house and I was preoccupied with that so my exercise wasn’t as intense.  One reason I had wanted to do well before the end of 2011 was that I knew early 2012 was going to be difficult because we were going to be finding a new house and then moving.  And, I was right.  My next weigh in after the one at 162 pounds was at 173 pounds at the end of February.  And, from there I just keep going up and up until I got into the mid-190s last summer.

As I get closer to the 162 pounds again, I have such mixed feelings.  I so much want to get back there and to get below it.  To know that I am doing better than I was doing back then.  At the same, there is always the reminder to me that I got to 162 pounds and then I failed and regained.  And, there is some amount of fear that I will fail again.  Rationally, I know that it is a different situation now.  I’m not buying any more houses and I have no real reason to think that I can’t continue doing well.

This week went reasonably well.  I did fine from a food standpoint.  I made my 2 lowest days on calories Tuesday and Wednesday and then ate a couple of hundred calories more on Tuesday to see if that would work better.  I’ve had a tendency to gain about half a pound every Friday morning (according to my home scale) and I think it has something to do with my eating low calories Wednesday and Thursday.  I think this did work better.  My home weight stayed the same from Thursday to Friday which is an improvement.

On the exercise front, I basically didn’t do anything much after going to physical therapy on Friday.  I woke up with a sore throat on Wednesday and ended up not doing much on Wednesday or Thursday.  So, my calorie burn wasn’t as great as I would like.  I am hoping to do better this upcoming week.




Going to Physical Therapy

I went to physical therapy today for my leg/knee.  I had gone a couple of times a few weeks ago, when I was on non-weight bearing status on the walker.  I was taught some non-weight bearing exercises and told that I do them at home, unless I just wanted to do them there.  It was suggested that I come back once I could bear weight.

Now that I’m off the walker, I went back today.  I warmed up on the exercise bike then did about half an hour’s worth of exercises.  Several were done standing, while she added 2 pound ankle weights to some of the exercises done on the table.  While I was doing the exercises, I told her about my visit to the Y on Friday and she had no problem with me having down the specific lower body exercises that I did there.  I did ask her about one exercise machine I was unfamiliar with:Y4

She looked at the picture of the exercise and said it was OK for me to do it.

At the end of my exercises, she said that I could the exercises at home.  She gave me a couple of the elastic bands and I will need to buy a 2 pound ankle weight.  Basically, she said that since I had already gone to the Y and started doing the lower body exercises she thought I would do fine at home doing the exercises she gave me.  She did say I could call or come back if I ran into any problems.  I was fine with doing the exercises at home.  They are time consuming but not terribly difficult (I can do them while watching TV) and I would just as soon save the co-payment and the driving time.

Tomorrow, I think we will go back to the Y and do the elliptical again, although it may depend upon when (if) we finally get a return call about the crash of my desktop computer I talked about on Friday evening.  Right now I am a little ticked off.  The computer is still under warranty so we placed a support call Saturday morning (company has support hours 7 days a week).  The recorded message says to leave a message and they will call back, as they don’t like people to be on hold.  I had a support call awhile back and it took about 24 hours to get a return call (which I thought was too long then).

Saturday night, about 24 hours after my computer stopped rebooting, I turned on the computer and this time it booted.  So, I am using it.  But it has been having this off and on problem for a few weeks so I need to find out what is going on.  Sunday afternoon having not heard anything yet, I emailed the company and got a return email Sunday night that I was #9 on the list (bear in mind we placed the initial call on Saturday morning, so after 2 full days I was still #9 on the list).  I was asked to describe more about the problem, so I sent an email last night doing so.  Well, we still haven’t heard from them.  The earliest I expect to hear anything is Tuesday morning which is 3 days after placing the call, which I think is an unacceptable delay in providing warranty service.

One reason I’m upset is that if I need to have any hardware work done on the computer I have to ship it to the manufacturer for the repair and then ship it back.  On July 3, I am supposed to be running an online game on a forum that go to.  I am expecting that to be very intense, requiring me to be at my computer a lot and I will have to do a lot of writing.  I would much prefer to do that on my desktop, than on my notebook.  So, I was wanting to find out ASAP whether I need to ship the computer in so I could try to get a quick turnaround.  Every hour of delay just makes it more difficult.  Not in a good mood right now.

At the Y!

We made our first trip to the Y yesterday.  This was my first opportunity to use the Elliptical:


I wanted to be careful with my knee since I am trying to find out if the elliptical will bother my knee.  So I put it at the lowest resistance and slope and put on  my heart rate monitor and hoped to use it 10 minutes this first time.  After about 5 minutes, I could see my heart rate getting a little above where I wanted it to be so I slowed down a little and it came back to the range I wanted it.  I noticed about that time that I could feel a little pressure in the knee.  It wasn’t painful, but I could feel some pressure.  I went ahead and finished the 10 minutes.  Knee feels fine today though.

Charles was still on the elliptical so I wandered over to the weight machines.


This took awhile since these machines were different from those at the Y we used to belong to, so I had to read through the instructions on the machines.  But, I worked it out and spent about 25 minutes on the machines.


I wore my heart rate monitor during everything and my Fitbit gave me very active minutes for the entire thing so I was happy about it.  I didn’t do the leg extension since my knee surgeon years ago told me not to do them.   I only did lower body exercises that I knew were OK for my knee.  There were a few lower body machines I wasn’t sure about so I took pics of them and will talk to the physical therapist about them.

And, yesterday was the first day since  the doctor put me on the walker that my Fitbit says I burned over 1600 calories!  Of course, I was typically burning more than that the first part of the year before the leg and knee thing.  Still this is much better than the 1400 calories a day I was burning according to the Fitbit when I was using the walker non-weight bearing.

By the way, on the accuracy of activity monitors, I read this article about the accuracy of fitness monitors on estimating calorie burn.  The Fitbit One (what I am using now) placed third with an error rate of 10.4%.  First was the BodyMedia FIT at 9.3% and second was the Fitbit Zip at 10.1%.  That seems a little high based upon measuring my weight loss against what Fitbit says is my calorie deficit (based upon subtracting what I eat per MFP from the Fitbit estimated calorie burn), but fairly reasonable.  And, in the end, the Fitbit doesn’t have to be totally accurate for me in estimating the calorie burn so long as it is fairly consistent for me.  In my case, I find that it does give higher burn numbers on days I’m active and lower numbers when I’m not, so I do find it useful.


Friday NWI

I did not weigh in this Friday.  Kids had a doctor’s appointment that conflicted.  I did weigh in at home and I was up about half a pound over last Friday.  I had a pretty good week.  I ate about the same overall calories per day as the week before.  It was a little front loaded with more eating out than usual, particularly with Father’s Day.  Also I burned more calories per day this week than last week, since I got my exercise bike and used it several times.  So, Fitbit said I should have lost about .7 pounds this week.

On the other hand, last week I weighed in for a 2.2 pound loss at Weight Watchers which was way more than Fitbit says I should have lost.  So, I wasn’t expecting to lose much, if anything, this week.  Still, it is annoying to be up half a pound although I didn’t really think it is a real gain.  We’ll see what happens when I weigh in next Friday.

Otherwise, I was basically happy with the week.  I used the exercise bike 4 days: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’m only using it for 20-25 minutes at a time since I want to take it a bit easy getting back into exercise given my knee.  The first 3 days I did some mild programs on the bike that were mostly at resistance one, going up to 3 sometimes.  I started to do one program and at the easiest level, it quickly went to resistance 7 and my knee immediately protested.  So I backed that one way down. Wednesday I did something different.  I kept the resistance on 1 but for 20 seconds of every minute I would speed up as much as I felt that I could, then for the other 40 seconds I would slow down.  I did think for just over 20 minutes.  I found that doing this my heart rate got up higher and I burned more calories per minutes per my heart rate monitor.



Doing this, I burned 5.9 calories a minute while in my other sessions on the bike I burned 4.4 to 5.2 calories per minute.  So, next time I use the bike I will do this again.

I planned to take Wednesday off from the bike since I had used it 3 days in a row, and then planned to do it Friday and to go to the Y to use the elliptical on Saturday.  But, we got home later than I thought we would and, then, my desktop computer died.

I was using my desktop computer and writing something really long (not blog related) where I had taken a lot of notes in Word.  Then, my computer just froze and totally died.  And, I can’t get it to boot or do anything.  There is just nothing on the screen.  I’m worried it is the main SSD drive or that is the motherboard.  I’m not really worried about my data since I keep that on a different drive.  Also, I have an external back up from a few weeks ago.  But, if that is what is wrong with the computer I have to send it back to the manufacturer to be repaired.  It is a nice Falcon Northwest gaming computer.  The only downside was that the warranty service requires sending it back to the manufacturer.  That’s OK, but I hate not having my nice, fast, spiffy desktop with my two large monitors.  Right now, I’m typing this on one of my notebook computers.  (We have two.  One is a 17″ that is basically a spare computer that isn’t very portable and the other is a Lenovo that I actually use as a notebook).

So, tomorrow we have to get in touch with Falcon Northwest and see if they can come up with any solution over the phone.  If not, then I’ll be without my main computer for awhile.

Anyway, by the time I finished trying to figure out what was wrong (totally unsuccessfully) and then redid on my notebook the stuff I had been working on, it was too late to start using the exercise bike.  So, I ended up not doing any exercise today.

On the more positive note, though, I am now off the walker so I was able to walk when we were out and about today.  That was great.  Also, I have a physical therapy appointment on Monday to start doing weight bearing physical therapy.  And, I hope to get to the Y to use the ellipticals this weekend.