May Goal Results

It is a little difficult to even talk about May goal results, since they were so thoroughly upended fairly early in the month.  On May 8th, I got my MRI results and was told to use a walker or crutches and not bear any weight on my left leg for 4 weeks.  This was due to a trabecular bone injury/microfractures in my left leg.  I went from walking about 8000 steps a day on exercise days, to not being able to put my left leg down except for balance.  The drastic change in activity can be seen by May Fitbit results below:

May Fitbit

As you can see the graph of my steps declined to almost nothing after my doctor’s visit on May 8th.  So, all my goals that were based upon activity basically went out the window.  To put it in perspective, during April I burned an average of 1734 calories a day.  During May, from May 9th on, I burned an average of 1430 calories a day.  And, even that sharply declined during the month.  The one good thing from the doctor’s visit is that he told me I could continue to use my Concept2 rower if my knee didn’t hurt.  I was able to use it several times, but then I got sick with a sore throat and fever that eventually added on conjunctivitis.  I was totally miserable and barely felt like getting up, let alone rowing.  So the last couple of weeks of the month, Fitbit says I was averaging about 1395 calories a day.  So, I wasn’t able to get within shouting distance of my goal of a 700 calorie deficit a day.

Despite all of that, the one good thing was that I ate very carefully because I knew I wasn’t burning many calories.  So, I still had a good month at the scale, going down 5.2 pounds from my last weigh in during April to my last weigh in in May.  Actually, I don’t think my true weight loss was that much.  When I’m sick and not very hungry I tend to not eat very many carbs and my body doesn’t retain fluids so I have a weight loss that can be short-lasting.  It would not surprise me to have a small gain this next Friday.

Still, I had really wanted to get into the 160s by the end of May and on May 30th I weighed in at 168.2.  Even if I do have a small gain at the next meeting, I doubt I will go above 170.

Given all the circumstances in May, I am happy with the overall progress I made on weight loss and happy that I stayed on track from an eating standpoint.  There were times during the month when it was a real struggle, particularly when I was feeling depressed and sorry for myself.

Which brings up my June goals.  I have absolutely no idea of what my goals are for June.  I go back to the doctor later this week and hope that he will release me from having to use the walker.  I went to physical therapy last week and will go again this week.  I liked getting the exercises from there to try to help me improve my leg strength.

Even if the doctor does allow me walk under my own power again, the big uncertainty is what I will be doing from a fitness standpoint.  I was absolutely crushed when he told me at the last appointment that walking for fitness was not ideal for me.  This is because I have little cartilage in my left knee and it is bone on bone in places.  He recommended swimming, cycling or an elliptical.  At this point I am leaning toward the elliptical, but not all that enthusiastic about having to deal with choosing one and buying it.  Particularly, since I have a very nice treadmill that is less than a year old.  I just get exhausted thinking about selling the treadmill, researching ellipticals, finding an elliptical, and buying it.  And, still not sure about the rower.  When I used it, earlier in the month it was OK from an exercise standpoint, but I did feel a minor twinge in my knee after a few days of it.  I need to talk to the doctor about whether that it is bad enough that I shouldn’t use the rower either.

At this point, I don’t know what I’ll end up doing.  I know I want to get something to use at home.  It is a good 20 minutes to the closest gym and I know me well enough to know that I’m far more likely to exercise at home.

Truthfully, I still would like to be able to do some walking.  I know that walking in the hilly neighborhood is out, but am uncertain as to how much flat walking I can do.  If I’m at home all day and just walking around doing stuff at home I usually won’t walk over 2000 steps.  I’m just not sure where my limit is.  I know I can’t walk 10,000 steps up and down the hills around here.  But, is 3000 steps OK?  What about 4000?  Or 5000?  Again, another thing I have to talk to the doctor about.

Until I do that I just don’t know what to plan for June.  And, until I buy new exercise equipment, I may be limited in what I can do.  And, buying new equipment will take some time.

So, I guess my June fitness goals are mostly deferred at the moment.    And, since I don’t know how many calories I will be able to burn it is hard to come up with a calorie deficit goal.  I do plan to continue eating similarly to what I was eating in May from a calorie standpoint, but with more veggies.  During most of May I had to rely upon others in the household to get my food for me since I couldn’t really carry food around and it was so hard to get around using the walker.  I was reluctant to ask people to make me anything very complicated to eat.  I would ask for half a cup of blackberries, but didn’t ask for many salads to be made for me.  That kind of thing.  During June, if I am allowed to walk, I am planning to eat more of the veggies I missed out on during May.




  1. says

    I’m sorry about your rough month but you still continue to amaze me and motivate me with the way you handle these ups and downs. My journey is just beginning and very slow as usual. Good luck on your next doctor visit.
    Cheryl recently posted…Early Thoughts On My FitbitMy Profile

    • Kitty says

      I think the important thing is just to stick with it. Progress happens — sometimes slowly but it does happen.

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