Friday Weigh In

I wasn’t really surprised by my weigh in. It was a bit annoying, but not surprising:

WI 6-6-2014

As you can see, the line went up this week and I gained .8 pounds, to get to 169 pounds.  This wasn’t really surprising because the week before I had a 3 pound loss (for a two week period).  I had been sick, and when I’m sick I tend to not eat a lot and I tend to lose weight.  Some of that weight loss then goes away when I start eating more normally.  I had been very inactive for the period when I had the 3 pound loss and knew that my “true” loss was realistically less than that.  If I look at the 3 week period as a whole, I lost a net of 2.2 pounds over 3 weeks that were very challenging.  I did fine from a calorie standpoint, but I was very inactive due to my trabecular bone injury and not being allowed to put weight on my leg.  Before I got sick I was able to use the rower some and do some upper body weight work while sitting, but once I was sick all that went away.  Given all that, losing about .7 pounds a week for 3 weeks is actually fine.

On another note, though, it was a really great day.  My husband, Charles, is now a lifetime member of Weight Watchers!  He received his lifetime key today:

WW lifetime key

It was a great accomplishment for him.  He lost about 72 pounds on Weight Watchers, plus about 10 pounds before he joined Weight Watchers.  I’m really proud of how he stuck with it.  He went through some really long plateaus, but didn’t give up.  And, about two months ago, he decided to start tracking his food on MyFitnessPal.  Before that he was tracking in his head.  As I kind of expected would happen, once he started tracking every day, he quickly was able to get to goal, and now to lifetime!

Charles High Weight

Charles High Weight

Charles 4-25-2014 the day he got to goal

Charles 4-25-2014 the day he got to goal


    • Kitty says

      I agree…knowing what is coming helps prepare so it doesn’t just blindside you. And, maybe occasionally there is a pleasant surprise.

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