40 Pound Star Weigh In!

40 pounds

Great weigh in day.  I weighed in at 166.8 pounds, for a 2.2 pound loss! Even better, this got me another 5 pounds star giving me a total of 40.6 pounds lost.  I was particularly happy about this because it was unexpected.  For most of this week I was up on my weight.  I thought it would settle down some as the week went on.  Last week, I had gained .8 pounds after a couple of weeks where I had been sick so I thought I might get some of them back this week.  But, I also ate out 3 times (usually I eat out twice).  And, for one of the meals, I wasn’t stellar.  We went to Red Lobster and I had snow crab and shrimp bake that turned out to be more calories than I expected (which is what usually happens when I eat at a restaurant without looking it up).  So, my overall calories eaten went up this week.  I usually eat about 15 to 25 of my 49 weekly points.  This week I ate 48 of them.  That is still OK, of course, but by the numbers my calorie deficit was really about enough for a half pound loss.  I thought I might get back the .8 pounds gain from last week, so a loss of 1.2 pounds would have been great.  I was sort of bemused to lose 2.2 pounds.  The receptionist pointed out a few weeks ago that often when I have a good loss, I will have a lesser loss the next week.  I am thinking that next Friday I should probably be happy with any loss.  Still, I was so happy.

Afterwards, we went and looked at some more exercise bikes and ellipticals.  I wanted to see if I could find a less expensive recumbent exercise bike with a comfortable seat and back.  The answer to that question was a resounding no.  I also tried out the Nordic Track ellipticals at Sears.  The nicest one they had there (it was about $1299) was very nice to use.  But, I’m going to defer getting an elliptical until after I’ve used one for a few months at the Y.

After that, we went and bought a Vision Fitness R40 with Elegant console.   The bike itself feels great, but a really important factor to me is that the seat is very comfortable and the back is adjustable.  And, I was happy that it will be delivered and set up tomorrow.  So, I’ll be able to finally start burning some exercise calories.  I can’t join the Y and start using the elliptical yet, but at least I can start using the recumbent bike.

Edit:  I just realized that I’ve lost exactly 20 pounds since my first weigh in for this blog on December 27th, which is 24 weeks.  So an average of .83 pounds a week.  I’ll take it.


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