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Friday, we bought our new Vision Fitness R40 exercise bike with Elegant console and it was delivered Saturday.

Bike 1


Which means that I finally got to do a real workout without having to worry about my knee.  Since the doctor had me start using a walker over a month ago, I haven’t been able to do much for fitness.  I did some rowing at first, but that bothered my knee if I put any intensity into the rowing.

I am at a point now where I’m able to put more weight on my left leg and only have a few more days of using the walker.  During this time when I wasn’t able to do much exercise, it has been hard to burn more than about 1400 calories a day.  That has meant I’ve had to be super careful with what I ate.  And, even with that I haven’t been able to have the calorie deficit I would like.

So, it was absolutely heaven to be able to spend 20 minutes on the exercise bike today.  It was really comfortable to sit on (super important for me with an exercise bike) and fun to use.  I didn’t do a super hard workout (just 20 minutes), but I was really happy with it.


On another note, we went out for dinner and I over ate and was totally miserable.  We usually eat out twice a week, occasionally 3 times.  While I’ve been using the walker we’ve eaten out less.  But, now that I’m able to put a lot more weight on my leg I’ve been more able to go out.  Friday we had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  I ate carefully and ended up the day hardly having eaten more calories than I would on a regular non-dining out day.

Sunday we are going out for Pizza and then seeing a movie for Father’s Day.  So, I know that will be a higher calorie day.

But, given the good day Friday, I thought we could eat out Saturday. We’ve been wanting Mexican food for awhile.  We tend to not eat it often since it is higher in calories.  The last time had been in March so we decided to go out.  We had Chicken Fajitas which is fine.  We didn’t have guacamole or sore cream with them.  They did have cheese and bacon on them.  And, we had some tortilla chips.

Now, that is a fairly typical meal for us at a Mexican food restaurant.  Usually I will have two tortillas with the fajitas in them.  Today, I had 3.  I also had about twice as many chips as usual.  I’m sure that part of this is because I’m just so tired of being so careful with how I’ve eaten over the last month.  By the time the meal was over, I felt totally stuffed.  I was so sorry that I had had that third fajita.

Even though I don’t have a calorie deficit for Saturday, I know it isn’t a huge deal.  I still have plenty of weekly points left for Sunday so the week should be fine.  Still, I’m annoyed with myself for really eating so much that I felt uncomfortable (as an aside, it is interesting that I was so uncomfortable with the size of that meal when I would used to eat that much routinely).


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